995.2.3: Speculum, Vaginal, 1901-1950

Additional Images

995.2.3: Speculum, Vaginal.
Image No. 2826 ; Photographer: Helen Kingsley

Object Description

Vaginal speculum, medium size 4 x 1ΒΌ" blade. Division at back of upper blade. Spur shaped piece attached with 'PAT.JUN.17.90' stamped into surface and '114' stamped into both blade handles. Blades attached with screw, with another screw adjustment on right hand side.

Object Classification

Accession Number: 995.2.3
Collection: Gynaecology/Obstetrics/Contraception
Date: 1901-1950

Object Dimensions

  • Length: 13.8 cm
  • Height: 12.8 cm
  • Width: 6 cm

Object Parts

  • a) Upper blade and main handle part
  • b) Lower blade and handle part
  • c) Screw

Object Materials

  • copper alloy,
  • plating,
  • steel

Acquisition Detail

  • Patent Date: 1890-06-17
  • Owner: Dr. Glenn Alexander Agnew
  • History of Use: Belonged to Dr. Glenn Alexander Agnew [1917-1995], probably used by his father Dr. Thomas Hadden Agnew who came to Vancouver from Ontario 1910-15. Died in 1948.