993.709.1: Forceps, Phimosis, 20th Cent.

Additional Images

993.709.1: Forceps, Phimosis.
Image No. 4178 ; Photographer: Helen Kingsley

Object Description

SKILLERN's Phimosis Forceps, straight, with fenestrated, serrated blades and serrated grip handle.

Object Classification

Accession Number: 993.709.1
Collection: Urology
Date: 20th Cent.

Object Dimensions

  • Length: 13.2 cm
  • Width: 1 cm
  • Depth: 2 cm

Object Parts

Object Materials

  • plating,
  • steel

Acquisition Detail

  • History of Use: Used for Phimosis problems; a congenital narrowing of the opening of the foreskin preventing retraction.