993.230.1: Jar, Pharmacy, 1900-1938

Additional Images

993.230.1: Jar, Pharmacy.
Image No. 1890 ; Photographer: Helen Kingsley

Object Description

Cylindrical opaque glass pharmacy jar with lid. Mold seams on outer surface of base and lid. Contents 'CONF. SULPHUR.' printed on surface. Manufacturer's details embossed on base 'WHITALL, TATUM & CO. PHILA. & N.Y.' . Empty.

Object Classification

Accession Number: 993.230.1
Collection: Pharmacy-ware
Date: 1900-1938

Object Dimensions

  • Height: 21.5 cm
  • Diameter: 12 cm

Object Parts

  • a) Jar base
  • b) Jar lid

Object Materials

  • glass,
  • paint

Acquisition Detail

  • Manufacturer: Whitall, Tatum & Co.
  • History of Use: The jar probably contained Confectio Sulphuris a laxative made of 4 parts sublimed sulphur, 1 part acid potassium tartrate, 1/25 part tragacanth, 2 parts syrup, ½ part tincture of orange, and 1 ½ parts glycerin (taken from 'Materia Medica',1909).