993.110.1: Cystoscope, 1900-1940

Additional Images

993.110.1: Cystoscope. Early electrical cystoscope
Image No. 109 Early electrical cystoscope; Photographer: Helen Kingsley

Object Description

Early electrical cystoscope consisting of socket current controller with screw connection for fitting into electric lamp socket, frosted glass surgical lamp bulb [diamond shaped label 'WATTS FEMCO VOLTS' adhering to surface], 2 piece irrigation cystoscope, conducting cords [which fasten into the binding posts of the controller and to the cystoscope], sheet with directions for operation.

Object Classification

Accession Number: 993.110.1
Collection: Urology
Date: 1900-1940

Object Dimensions

Object Parts

  • a) Socket current controller with casing and hardened rubber parts
  • b) Surgical lamp with screw fitting and diamond shaped label adhering to surface
  • c) Two sheathed conducting cords intertwined, with 3 connector ends
  • d) Flushing cystoscope housing with lamp and one way stopcock
  • e) Double irrigating catheter with viewing lens
  • f) Sheet with direction for operation

Object Materials

  • copper alloy,
  • glass,
  • metal,
  • paper,
  • plating,
  • printing ink,
  • rubber,
  • steel,
  • textile

Acquisition Detail

  • Manufacturer: Electro Surgical Instrument Company
  • Owner: Dr. Dallas G. Perry
  • History of Use: Early cystoscope used by pioneer urologist Dr. Dallas Perry who practiced in Vancouver and then later in Salt Spring Island.