Therapeutics: Objects 16 - 30 of 30

993.61.1: Enema SyringeEnema Syringe, 1891-1840 Coloured lacquered metal enema syringe with ivory tip. Cylindrical with 2 finger rings on top cap and thumb ring on rounded plunger stem. Brass crest on body with lion and unicorn in relief either side of a heraldic motif with French quotes around motif and 'DIEU ET MON DROIT' below. Underneath reads 'JOSEPH GRAY & SON TRUSS WORKS SHEFFIELD'. Ivory tip has carved threads to fit into base.
993.19.1: FleamFleam, 19th Cent. Bloodletting fleam with horn and brass casing and three blades of different sizes. Each blade is stamped with the makers name 'W. LONGDEN' and 'CAST STEEL'.
993.21.1: FleamFleam, 19th Cent. Tortoise-shell cased single blade fleam, stamped with makers details 'PAGET LONDON'. Fully extended object dimensions are given.
993.20.1: FleamFleam, 1791-1860 Bloodletting fleam with horn and brass casing and three blades of different sizes. One blade is stamped with the makers name 'BORWICK'.
993.640.1: Lamp, TherapeuticLamp, Therapeutic, c. 1930 'ALPINE SUN LAMP' ['KROMAYER LAMP'] for therapeutic use. Inside the lamp is an arc tube containing mercury and a disc with 4 graduated size holes and a disc of green glass used to emit different diameter and colour light beams. Externally attached are 2 wooden disc handles, an electrical socket, an 'OPERATOMETER' and a fitting to which the arm bracket attaches. The arm bracket would also attach to a stand which is missing.
998.10.9: LancetLancet, 19th Cent. Fixed steel lancet blade with flat ebony handle and sheath with relief decoration along the edges. Manufacturer's details stamped into metal 'J. FENTON & SONS SHEFFIELD', 'SHEFFIELD ENGLAND' and 'GOVERNMENT OF CANADA'. Dimensions given are for lancet only.
993.18.1: Lancet SetLancet Set, 1840-1860 Silver etui with 4 thumb lancets. The lancet case has relief decoration over surface and contains 4 thumb lancets which have tortoiseshell guards protecting the blade. No makers marks on the case but each lancet blade has the inscription 'CAPRON A PARIS'.
993.6.1: ScarificatorScarificator, 19th Cent. Lacquered octagonal 12 blade scarificator. The lever handle on the top is used to release the spring-loaded rounded blades. The screw mechanism in the center top adjusts the cutting depth and the side button is a locking device.
993.7.1: ScarificatorScarificator, 1842-1857 Lacquered octagonal 8 blade scarificator. The lever handle on the top is used to release the spring-loaded blades. The screw mechanism in the center top adjusts the cutting depth and the side button is a locking device. The makers mark 'BIGG' is engraved on one side and 'LONDON' on the opposite side. The two top screws are missing.
993.39.1: Spring LancetSpring Lancet, 19th Cent. Weiss's Patent Phleme model spring lancet in case with an extra blade, for veterinary use. The wooden case is covered with burgundy coloured leather with a textiled covered base. The case is lined with velvet and there is a clip to hold the spare blade in place. The spring lancet has blued steel and brass trim and a cross hatch ebony grip handle with 'WEISS. LONDON.' in relief.
993.17.1: Spring LancetSpring Lancet, 1855-1900 Domed end oblique release spring lancet in brown leather/paper covered wooden case. The release lever is a short bar across the top. Stamped with manufacturer's name 'Tiemann & Co.' on the back panel and number '39' stamped on inner surface. The top of the case drops down to reveal a space for 4 blades which are missing. Label on inner lid is missing.
993.34.1: Suction PumpSuction Pump, 1906-1953 Spring action metal pump, part of Becton Dickinson Dry Cupping Set, to be used with cupping glasses. Consists of a small container and removable lid with central shaft. To one end of shaft [inside container] a spring is connected. A finger rest collar connected to upper end of shaft is pressed down to activate spring. Manufacturer's details stamped into lid 'BECTON DICKINSON & CO. RUTHERFORD N.J. PAT. DEC - 06'. Nozzle to attached to rubber tube missing.
999.3.108: Thermo-floThermo-flo, 1940-1955 Newman Thermo-flo machine in case with leather handle, and two catches. Within the case is a control panel consisting of a temperature control dial, power switch and pressure gauge. There are three pipes [pressure, return and flow] extending from the left hand side panel. Attachment apparatus include two rubber hoses each with an embedded thermometer 0-40°F and an inflatable bulb attached. The machine was manufactured by Majestic Surgical Instrument Company, serial no. R559. The mains lead and plug are missing.
998.6.1: VibratorVibrator, 1914-1929 A vibrating massage unit with 6 applicator heads in a case. The vibrator is powered by electricity and the applicator heads screw into the front nozzle. A brass name plate is attached by screws onto the vibrator giving manufacturer's, patent and object details. 'RACINE CASECO RACINE WIS' is stamped into both handle holders and 'EAGLE LOCK CO. TERRYVILLE COUNTY U.S.A.' is stamped into case catch. The guarantee certificate is dated 1914. Case dimensions given.
993.629.1: Violet Ray High Frequency GeneratorViolet Ray High Frequency Generator, 1915-1940 A “Renulife Violet Ray Generator” consisting of cased high frequency electro-therapeutical apparatus, Model B, No.167. The case is covered with black seal grain keratol [leatherette] and is fitted with metal corners and a lock. The case is lined with purple velvet which has now discoloured. Two cords of different lengths lead from the transformer, ending in a Bakelite encased plug and a shock-proof handle. The lid has holder clips for five electrodes, these include a metal electrode for systemic treatment: nervousness, anemia etc., and four vacuum glass electrodes: a large and small...