Surgery, General: Objects 46 - 49 of 49

993.78.1: TrocarTrocar, 1880-1910 Pocket exploring trocar with cannula in screw wooden case.
993.141.1: TrocarTrocar, 1900-1928 Pocket exploring trocar. Delicately carved ivory case with a top cap which unscrews to reveal a silver cannula. The handle is marked with the size number '4' and with the name of the manufacturer ' ARNOLD & SONS LONDON'.
993.32.1: Trocar SetTrocar Set, 1866-1925 Set of three trocars with canula, in case. Tan leather covered wooden case with catch, lined with blue velvet [base] and padded silk [lid]. Large, medium and small size trocars with ebony cross hatch handles and steel shafts with pointed ends. Silver canula slide over the shafts to expose the pointed ends, 'ARNOLD&SONS' stamped into all three canula. Manufacturer's label on inner lid surface 'ARNOLD & SONS SMITHFIELD LONDON'. Case dimensions given.
2011.35.1: Trocar, ExploringTrocar, Exploring, 1950-1998 Pocket exploring trocar, nested, with cannula in screw metal case. One part of the case acts as the handle when the trocar is screwed in place. Trocar screwed into handle dimensions given.