Surgery, General: Objects 16 - 30 of 49

993.255.1: Needle, AneurysmNeedle, Aneurysm, 1881-1920 Aneurysm needle with a cross-hatch ebony grip handle, in two sections which screw together. Blunt point, semi-circular curve to right.
993.913.1: Needle, CurvedNeedle, Curved, 1950-1990 Curved needle, sharp, 'WILKIE' [users name] scratched into handle.
993.29.1: Potain's Aspirating SetPotain's Aspirating Set, c. 1900 Aspirating set in case consisting of syringe with double tip attachment for inward and outward flow [directed by arrows], trocar, 3 x needle [regular point] with copper alloy canulae, 3 way stopcock with bung and rubber tubing.
998.1.16: RetractorRetractor, 1941-1970 MAYO-ADAMS self-retaining retractor for appendectomy. Two blades [1½" length x ⅝" width] each with two prongs, ratchet lock, finger ring handles. 'THE J.F.HARTZ Co.' and manufacturer’s insignia [serpent entwined around a staff with crown] (Rod of Asclepius) stamped into the surface. Number '3' is stamped into the inner surfaces of both arms directly below the hinge.
993.1155.1: Scissors, BandageScissors, Bandage, 1944-1993 LISTER bandage scissors. 'TRUDELL', 'GERMANY' and trademark stamped into handle.
993.1184.1: Snare WiresSnare Wires Envelope containing 11 staple shaped wires. Printed on envelope " 1 doz. #3722, CUT SNARE WIRES, gauge 6, F. Dittmar & Co., Inc. Phila..U.S.A." One wire missing.
993.1267.1: Sponge HolderSponge Holder, 1901-1950 Sponge holder, straight with flat handle and 3 prong tip with sliding safety catch.
995.2.15: Stapler, Skin, DisposableStapler, Skin, Disposable, 1984 Sterilized grey plastic disposable skin stapler 'containing 10 stainless steel arcuate staples (5.5mm x 4.2mm)' in yellow molded plastic container with paper sealed backing. Printed on backing is product info 'Precise® Ten-Shot™ Disposable Skin Stapler', 'Cat. No. DS-10R', contents and manufacturer's details. 'Aug 84 29 Sterilized Lot 84H10 AUT 640' printed on top front.
995.2.12: SteritubeSteritube, 1941-1990 Chromium plated cylinder narrowing toward bottom. Wide ridge at mouth onto which fits a black rubber cap with 'B-D' in relief on top. Designed to hermetically seal a previously sterilized syringe with needle attached.
993.1117.1: Surgery SetSurgery Set, 1860-1901 Mahogany case inlaid with brass with side hooks and front lock mechanism. Partially lined with purple velvet, lift-up panel in lid, removable wooden tray fitted with brass frame to hold instruments and lift out flaps [1 missing]. Contains 5 ivory handled instruments: Tenaculum, scalpel, ligature needle [all stamped with 'S.MAW SON & THOMPSON LONDON'], long curved bladed knife, hernia knife [both stamped with 'S.MAW & SON LONDON'], and a spool of fine wire and safety pin. Key missing.
993.372.1: Surgical Needles in CaseSurgical Needles in Case, 1900-1940 15 surgical needles in case, 'REMK' [owner’s initials] engraved on lid and supplier 'J.H.CHAPMAN MONTREAL' stamped into base. The case is fitted with spring slots for holding the needles. The needle types are as follows: 2 x half-curved, 6 x regular ¼ circle, 7 x ½ circle. Case dimensions given.
993.218.1: SyringeSyringe, 1945-1960 2cc graduated glass syringe with side arm. 'LUER - KAUFMAN' printed in red on barrel. Piston rod's base marked with fused-in precision line to facilitate dosage measurement.
995.2.11: SyringeSyringe, 1941-1990 5cc graduated syringe barrel with details and name of manufacturer in brown lettering 'B-D LUER-LOK MULTIFIT MADE IN U.S.A.' and plunger. Metal LUER-LOK tip.
993.1152.1: SyringeSyringe, 1951-2000 2oz all metal syringe with finger rings on top cap and thumb ring on piston rod, three-way stopcock attached. Semi-round graduated piston rod stamped with ¼oz divisions.
995.2.10: SyringeSyringe, 1941-1990 2cc [30ml] graduated syringe barrel with details and name of manufacturer in red lettering '3813Y B-D YALE-LOK Becton-Dickinson & Co' and plunger. Metal B-D LUER-LOK tip.