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993.145.1: VaccinatorVaccinator, 1870-1900 Vaccinator with 5 steel needle points soldered onto a metal fitting attached to the end of a hollow ivory body with a separate sliding cap to regulate the length of the needle points. The other end consists of a detachable scarifying knife. The manufacturer's name 'MAYER & MELTZER' is stamped into the cap's surface.
993.1237.1: VD Prevention BookletVD Prevention Booklet, c. 1940 Stapled health booklet entitled "Three Queens but I'll pass." This booklet was given to soldiers on active service and contains information on the consequences of contracting a venereal disease and preventive methods. Publication information printed on page 27 '400M-4-44 (4439) K. P. 7438 H. Q. C. 8994-2'.