Proctology: Objects 31 - 33 of 33

993.1142.1: Speculum, RectalSpeculum, Rectal, 1951-2000 Rectal speculum with hard rubber obturator. Trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown] stamped into handle.
2011.3.1: Speculum, RectalSpeculum, Rectal, 1961-1998 BRINCKERHOFF's rectal speculum, two parts. Manufacturer 'E.S.I.CO.ROCH.N.Y.' stamped into surface.
2011.2.1: Syringe, RectalSyringe, Rectal, 1981-1998 'VICEROY' boxed rectal syringe No 230 small size. Rubber bulb with separate hard rubber applicator tip. Box dimensions given.