Proctology: Objects 16 - 30 of 33

993.757.1: Pipe, RectalPipe, Rectal, 20th Cent. Straight rectal pipe, infant, with one small circular hole at the probe end.
993.750.1: Pipe, RectalPipe, Rectal, 20th Cent. Straight rectal pipe, adult, with three small circular holes around the probe end.
2006.617.1: ProctoscopeProctoscope, 1975 2 piece proctoscope in sealed transparent bag with printed information card [in English and french].
993.440.1: ProctoscopeProctoscope, 1922-1959 Proctoscope with collar attachment. Consists of a Bakelite tapered tube with an opening along its length and a solid tapered obturator of the same material with a rounded end and a thin metal handle. A strip of textile is attached to the top of the tube to which the collar attachment is tightened onto. 'CAMERON SUR--MOLD PAT.PEND.' in relief on obturator.
2006.616.1: ProctoscopeProctoscope, 1975 2 piece proctoscope in sealed transparent bag with printed information card [in English and French].
2006.83.1: ProctoscopeProctoscope, 1934-1985 Rectal instrument consisting of speculum and obturator with tapered end. Speculum end diameter 22mm.
993.436.1: ProctoscopeProctoscope, c. 1900 Cylindrical metal tube with cylindrical handle set at an angle and a plunger-style obturator with a rounded tapered tip. Both handle and obturator are hollow. '40' stamped into surface of obturator in 3 locations.
2006.602.1: Retractor, AnalRetractor, Anal, 20th Cent. SMITH-BUIE's self-retaining anal retractor. 'SKLAR-CHROME' and "MADE IN U.S.A.' stamped into side handles, '25' stamped into both blades and top of handles. Incomplete.
998.9.12: SigmoidoscopeSigmoidoscope, 1941-1960 A rectal speculum consisting of a cylindrical outer tube with an attachment for a light fitting and an obturator with a tapered tip. The outer tube is calibrated in inches [1-8] along the underside surface. Manufacturer's name 'MILLER SURGICAL' stamped into outer tube surface.
2005.23.1: Sigmoidoscope SetSigmoidoscope Set, c. 1957 Sigmoidoscope set in case. Consisting of 30cm and 25cm sigmoidoscopes, inflating bulb, power unit, optic eye piece with lamp, transilluminator cord with 2 separate cord tips and lamp in socket connection and 3 spare lamps. A small metal plaque with manufacturer's details is pined to inner lid surface. There is Elastoplast tape with owners name written in ink on lid top and front edge. The outer tubes of the sigmoidoscopes are calibrated in centimeters and the obturator tips are tapered. 'MADE IN ENGLAND ALLEN & HANBURY'S LTD' is stamped into the outer tube of the larger sigmoidoscope and...
2006.130.1: Specula, RectalSpecula, Rectal, 1901-1930 SIM rectal specula with set screw and wire blades. Adult size, blades 8.2 x 2.3 cm [3¼ x ⅞ inches]. Manufacturer's trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown] stamped into handle.
993.682.1: Speculum, AnalSpeculum, Anal, 20th Cent. Speculum consisting of a holder/guide with an opening along its length, long loop handle and an obturator with a rounded end and handle, for anal examination.'CHROME' stamped into obturator.
993.435.1: Speculum, RectalSpeculum, Rectal, 20th Cent. Rectal speculum with hard rubber obturator. 'Penn CHROMED' stamped into handle.
998.9.14: Speculum, RectalSpeculum, Rectal, 1950-1980 BRINKERHOFF type rectal speculum. Detachable sliding blade exposing lateral slit which extends it whole length.
2011.4.1: Speculum, RectalSpeculum, Rectal, 1961-1998 SIM's rectal speculum with set screw, fenestrated blades and crosshatch grip handles. 'Stevens', 'GERMANY' and 'CHROME' stamped into handles.