Otolaryngology: Objects 16 - 28 of 28

993.1173.1: Mouth GagMouth Gag, 1944-1993 JENNINGS mouth gag. Double-arm frame gag with flat handles on the right-hand side and a stop to lock and unlock the ratchet. The manufacturer's logo, an eagle's head above the letter M is stamped into the inside handle surface and a crudely incised 'M' within a circle.
993.523.1: Mouth GagMouth Gag, 1933-1980 JENNING's 12cm wide mouth spreader gag with rubber covered blades, 'LOKTITE' ratchet locking device and finger guard, 'REG U.S.PAT.OFF.'. Manufacturer's name 'HASLAM' and 'RICHTER PATENTED' stamped into handle with 'V.G.H. O.R.' [Vancouver General Hospital, operating room] engraved above.
999.3.44: Mouth Gag, Doyen-JansenMouth Gag, Doyen-Jansen, 1936-1955 DOYEN-JANSEN's mouth gag, Loktite ratchet lock with finger release and ring handles. 'REG.US.PAT.OFF' and 'LOKTITE' stamped into the ratchet bar.
2006.50.1: Nasal SplintNasal Splint, 1901-1950 MAYER's hollow perforated tapered oval nasal splint, medium size.
2006.49.1: Nasal SplintNasal Splint, 1901-1950 MAYER's hollow perforated tapered oval nasal splint, large size.
2010.5.1: OtoscopeOtoscope, 1960-1999 Welch Allyn light weight hand-held self-illuminating otoscope [green plastic casing] with sliding on-off switch and removable viewing lens, Model 29000. Battery holder for two AA size batteries, contains a I.IV0.22A bulb. Spare bulb.
993.573.1: Perforator, EarPerforator, Ear, 20th Cent. TROELTSCH's ear perforator with stop on blade.
993.588.1: Probang, EsophagealProbang, Esophageal, 1901-1950 FERGUSON's bristle probang. At one end is the thumb ring which is attached to a long wire, sheathed in a flexible tube with a finger hold attachment. Attached to the other end are bristles, held in place by cord, which flange out when the wire is pulled, topped by a small circular sponge.
993.1172.1: Snare, TonsilSnare, Tonsil, 1901-1950 EVE tonsil snare without ratchet, with 2 finger rings attached to shaft and thumb ring at the top. Snare wire not attached. 'KNY-SCHEERER GERMANY', and 'R5' stamped into thumb ring and trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown] is stamped into finger ring attachment.
993.635.1: Syringe Set, TonsilSyringe Set, Tonsil, 1941-1990 Cardboard lidded box with lift-out tray, containing: Luer-Lok 5cc control syringe, glass barrel with graduation scales baked in, detachable finger rings and plunger base marked with a fused-in precision line to facilitate dosage measurement; two tonsil needles one straight and one slightly curved near the end, both have a LUER-LOK hub and a gauge to control depth of puncture. Printed label adhering to the underside of the box base reads 'X15 U.S. PAT NOS. 1,742,497..1,793,068..2,076,121 OTHERPATS. ON NEEDLE HUBS APPD. FOR ALSO U.S. PAT. NOS. 1,863,785..1,998,982'. Box dimensions given.
995.2.8: Tester, HearingTester, Hearing, 1974-1995 Black pen-shaped instrument with pocket clip, 'USA DORC4' stamped into clip. Circled 'S' symbol at one end and 'Hearing Ambassadorâ„¢ - Hear Pen, Can you hear the tone in both ears? Patents Pending' written on body of pen. Patent number for conductor tube '3806724' stamped into top.
993.1147.1: Tongue DepressorTongue Depressor, 1993-2003 Flat double ended instrument. Manufacturer's name 'OMEGA' and trademark 'Ω' stamped into surface.
993.1153.1: Tuning ForkTuning Fork, 1946-1972 Standardized tuning fork, invented by Gardiner Brown, with base for Rinne's Test, "C" 128 vibrations. Manufacturer's name 'DOWN MAYER' and 'C0 128' stamped at base of prongs.