Ophthalmology: Objects 61 - 65 of 65

993.284.1: Wig SpectaclesWig Spectacles, 1790-1820 Silver frame with C-bridge and round eyes, raised peg screw at hinges. Ayscough type side arms [double hinged]. Incomplete, lenses are missing.
993.292.1: Wig SpectaclesWig Spectacles, 1840-1880 Rectangular clear lenses [non-corrective] with a second set of tinted green lenses hinged at the sides which can be folded out to cover peripheral vision or folded over clear lens to create sunglass effect. Brass frame with crank bridge and loop slide adjustable side arms [narrow telescopic] with pear-shaped loop ends. Maker's name 'SCHILDKNECHT' is stamped into the front end of the side arm, exterior surface.
993.296.1: Wig SpectaclesWig Spectacles, 1790-1821 Sterling silver frame, oval corrective lenses and extendable loop slide side arms with teardrop loop finials. Silver standard mark stamped into bridge along with makers mark 'RM'. Duty mark [profile portrait of reigning British monarch King George III] and maker's mark stamped into left side arm by hinge and the maker's mark and the city mark [anchor for Birmingham, England] stamped into right side arm by hinge.
993.291.1: Wig SpectaclesWig Spectacles, 19th Cent. Spectacles consisting of round lenses in a metal frame, rectangular bridge and double-hinged side arms with small ring finials. Chinese/Japanese.
993.298.1: Wig SpectaclesWig Spectacles, 18th Cent. Steel framed spectacles, round eyes with corrective lenses, C-bridge, short hinged side arms ending in large ring finials.