Ophthalmology: Objects 46 - 60 of 65

993.122.1: Retinoscope, Folding in CaseRetinoscope, Folding in Case, 1890-1930 Folding retinoscope with lenses in an embossed lined leather case. The retinoscope consists of a set of 2 mirrors, plane and concave, held facing each other in flat frames which rotate through the same axis about a central hinge. Attached to one side of the frame is a holder for interchangeable lenses. The case also contains 4 small inset lenses of varying thicknesses and a hand held perforated biconvex indirect lens [magnifier]. The case is lined with purple textile and elastic holders [now faded]. Dimension given are for closed case.
993.1327.1: Retractor, Eye LidRetractor, Eye Lid, 1901-1950 DESMARRES eye lid retractor [size 1] with solid blade.
993.1328.1: Scoop, ChalazionScoop, Chalazion, 20th Cent. Meibomian cyst scoop, single, round with loop handle. 'E.Haran' stamped into handle.
993.927.1: Slit Lamp MicroscopeSlit Lamp Microscope, 1930-1950 A slit lamp and microscope on a semi-circular shaped glass-topped table with three legs. The lamp housing is attached to the table frame on an adjustable upright column and is mounted on a jointed swivel-arm, and supported on a long arm. Along the arm next to the lamp housing is a diaphragm-tube to cut off redundant light and has a fitting to hold colour-filters. At the far end of the arm is a focusing lens in a frame, which can be racked horizontally to and fro and vertically up and down by means of a screw/fitting underneath. A chin/forehead frame unit with a tilting mechanism and white...
993.301.1: Snow Goggles, InuitSnow Goggles, Inuit Wooden goggles with narrow eye slits and cord threaded through two holes each side and tied off. The curved wooden eye shield fits the contours of the face with a large groove cut in the back to allow for the nose. The area behind each eye slit is hollowed out to prevent eye contact and blackened for glare reduction. The goggles were held in place by a cord made of sinew. Goggle dimension given.
993.297.1: SpectaclesSpectacles, 19th Cent. Hand-carved oriental spectacles, horn frame with open-work decorative carved bridge, double hinged side arms with open-work carved ring ends, round eyes. Incomplete, lens missing.
993.352.1: Spectacles & CaseSpectacles & Case, 1850-1910 Steel wire spectacles frame, oval eyes with corrective lenses, 'scroll' bridge, straight side arms. Contained within a green leather-covered frog-mouth case, velvet lined. Makers name 'NEGRETTI&ZAMBRA LONDON' and crown printed in gold lettering on case. Case dimensions given.
993.146.1: Spectacles & CaseSpectacles & Case, c. 1900 Sterling silver frame, oval lenses. Steel case with textile lining.
993.344.1: Spectacles, ScissorSpectacles, Scissor, 19th Cent. Silver framed scissor spectacles with round corrective lenses and curving stems joined by a central pivot. Suspension ring set to side of pivot. 'ROG DOU BLR' stamped into surface. Closed spectacles dimensions given.
993.330.1: Spectacles, ScissorSpectacles, Scissor, 19th Cent. Folding scissor spectacles unsprung, tortoiseshell frame with folding two part bridge joined by central pivot. Round corrective lenses. Ring handle with fixing catch attached and fixing stop located on second lens frame. Dimensions given are for folded scissor spectacles.
993.316.1: Spectacles, SunglassesSpectacles, Sunglasses, 19th Cent. Sunglasses with oval blue tinted lenses [non-corrective] and blued steel wire frame with a K-bridge and thin straight side arms with spatula-shaped ends.
993.1329.1: Speculum, EyeSpeculum, Eye, 1901-1950 CASTROVIEJO eye speculum. Oval thumb and finger plate each side for width control. 'GERMANY' stamped into surface.
993.1323.1: Speculum, EyeSpeculum, Eye, 1901-1950 BEARD eye speculum, 2 sides with fenestrated spoons and central spring mechanism.
993.286.1: Tinted D-SpectaclesTinted D-Spectacles, 1833 Tinted wig spectacles with 4 D-shaped blue-green tinted lenses [non-corrective] and sterling silver wire frame with folding two-piece turn-pin style side arms . Two extra lenses at the sides are hinged so that they can be folded out to cover peripheral vision. Stamps at either end of bridge: Date letter 'S', duty mark profile portrait of reigning monarch George IV. Silver standard mark [lion] and city mark [uncrowned leopard's head for London, England] stamped into both side arms by hinge. 'W' is also stamped by hinge [possibly maker's initial].
2014.3.1: TonometerTonometer, c. 1929 SCHIØTZ tonometer, set of three weights, a zero test block and a pipe cleaner in a blue velvet and silk lined case with clasp. The tonometer has a 2cm graduated scale printed on paper fixed to top bar. A SKLAR leaflet giving a description of the instrument [not original to the instrument], a sheet with directions for use, and a graph: 'Deflection of the pointer' signed on the back certifying 'Tonometer no. 341 adjusted. Oslo 25/1 - 29.' stored behind the padded flap inside the lid. 'SCHIØTZ TONOMETER' and it's serial number '341' is stamped into the tonometer. 'PROFESSOR SCHIØTZ...