Materia Medica & Pharmacology: Objects 16 - 25 of 25

993.191.1: PharmacopeiaPharmacopeia, 1933 Book entitled 'Pharmacopeia of The Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street London W.C.1', J. Wicliffe Peck (ed), published by Love & Malcomson LTD, London & Redhill, revised edition 1933.
993.1353.1: Pill BoxPill Box, 20th Cent. Pill box with screw-on regular dodecagon [12 sides] lid. Paper label adhering to base with 'NITRO. G. TABS.' printed. The internal base is lined with textile and the lid with card. The box is empty of medication.
993.95.1: Potassium Permanganate PillsPotassium Permanganate Pills, 20th Cent. Glass bottle with screw-on cap and cork stopper, contains 99 of original 100 potassium permanganate 1 grain pills, 'STOCK NO. 25-178-4'. The label adhering to 3 sides of the bottle gives information on content and manufacturer's details, directions of use and warning: poison. On the bottle's base, in relief, is a D in a diamond shape with '2' and '3' either side, and '6242' beneath.
993.1127.1: Powder DredgerPowder Dredger, 1901-1950 Ebonite powder dredger with screw-on lid. Contains unidentified powder, possibly an antiseptic powder.
2006.207.1: Prostaphlin CapsulesProstaphlin Capsules, c. 1961 Professional sample pack of 8 Prostaphlin [Sodium Methylphenylisoxazolyl Penicillin] capsules, 250mg each, in dispenser. 'Bristol' printed on each capsule. Lot no. A K-101. Expiry date November 1962. This medication is a penicillin-related antibiotic used to treat a variety of bacterial infections.
993.260.1: Redding's Russia SalveRedding's Russia Salve, c. 1936 Tin of 'Redding's Russia Salve' in a box. Consists of a round tin containing brown ointment, with an embossed design on the lid depicting a battle scene [horse, gun, part of canon, officer treating injured soldier], scene also repeated on one side of the box. Name and address of manufacturer also embossed on the lid. Folded in the box is a leaflet with directions for use and a special notice of change to metal container...'We have now adopted a larger and improved metal container'. In 1864, Harper’s Weekly was running an advertisement for Redding’s Russia Salve, a “happy...
2006.679.1: Tablets, TylenolTablets, Tylenol, 1960-1978 2 Tylenol (acetaminophen) tablets in sealed plastic wrapper. Information written in both French and English.
993.889.1: TheromerTheromer, 1915-1945 A push-on lid with ring handle, internal hollow tube leading to an external spray valve and tube connector. The wooden handle is not attached but screws into a metal ring which fits around the body of the container. The container is filled with a wax-like solid which can be heated on a stove or placed into hot water. A Theromer is used for spraying wax-like preparation in the treatment of burns. Rubber tube and bulb missing.
999.3.1: Tincture of IodineTincture of Iodine, 1940-1960 Rectangular brown bottle with a red rubber stopper containing 3 fluid ounces of Tincture of Iodine. In relief on the back of the bottle is a scull and cross bones and 'POISON LIQ. IODINE'. Paper label on outside has antidote printed in black ink.
993.241.1: Wallet, MedicineWallet, Medicine, 1900-1915 Brown leather wallet holding nine vials of medicinal tablets. Each vial has cork stopper and a printed label stating name and address of manufacturer and the contents which include strychnine Gm. 0.001, aconitine Gm. 0.0005, calomel Gm. 0.01, morphine sulphate Gm. 0.005, hyoscyamine Gm. 0.00025, digitalin Gm. 0.001, glonoin Gm. 0.00025, anti-constpation formula and anodyne formula for infants. Name and address of manufacturer is printed in gold lettering on interior surface of lid flap.