Gynaecology/Obstetrics/Contraception: Objects 46 - 58 of 58

2011.9.1: PessaryPessary, 1950-1980 Boxed "VIMULE" contraceptive pessary size 2. A domed rubber cap with a silk cord threaded through two holes in the collar. Pessary dimension given.
993.681.1: Speculum, VaginalSpeculum, Vaginal, 1926-1975 Vaginal speculum comprising of a pair of blades [5 inch length] made of thermosetting plastic; the top blade can be raised by means of a racking system and tilted upwards at an angle, using a thumb screw. Attached to the lower blade is a holder for an external light source. 'SURGIMOLD TRADEMARK REG.U.S.PAT.OFF.’ and ‘MADE IN U.S.A. U.S.PAT.1587897’ is in relief on the surface.
993.1141.1: Speculum, VaginalSpeculum, Vaginal, 20th Cent. DEVILBIS [MILLER] vaginal speculum, parallel opening, one shorter blade, size '2' stamped into handle. Manufacturer's trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown], 'GERMANY' and suppliers name 'W.E. Saunders & Co.' stamped into handle.
995.2.4: Speculum, VaginalSpeculum, Vaginal, 1945-1994 Vaginal speculum, medium size 4 x 1½" blade. Upper blade attached to spur shaped piece with the upper blade tilting screw adjuster on right hand side. 'MADE IN GERMANY STAINLESS' stamped into handle area.
995.2.3: Speculum, VaginalSpeculum, Vaginal, 1901-1950 Vaginal speculum, medium size 4 x 1¼" blade. Division at back of upper blade. Spur shaped piece attached with 'PAT.JUN.17.90' stamped into surface and '114' stamped into both blade handles. Blades attached with screw, with another screw adjustment on right hand side.
995.4.109: Speculum, VaginalSpeculum, Vaginal, 20th Cent. DeVilbiss vaginal speculum, parallel opening, one shorter blade, medium size. Fitted with light bulb [still intact] along shorter blade interior.
993.1380.1: Speculum, VaginalSpeculum, Vaginal, 1940-1971 SÉGOND's vaginal speculum with cranked dilating blades. 'MILEX STAINLESS STEEL' stamped into surface.
993.1168.1: Stem PessaryStem Pessary, c. 1930 Stem pessary. Contraception device. 'Wishbone' form - 2 prongs brought together for insertion into the cervix and then released to protrude inside the uterus. Intended to be removed, cleaned and replaced after each period. 'SKLAR GERMANY' & 'M' stamped into base.
993.1143.1: Stethoscope, FoetalStethoscope, Foetal, 1951-2000 Aluminium single stethoscope for foetal heart with screw-off concave ear plate. 'ALMEDIC GERMANY' stamped into surface.
2011.8.1: Stethoscope, MonauralStethoscope, Monaural, 1960-1998 PINARD's one piece monaural fetal stethoscope. Flaring deep bell with a rubber collar and a wide concave earplate.
993.979.1: Stethoscope, MonauralStethoscope, Monaural, 1881-1930 PINARD type single stethoscope. Wood, turned in one piece with funnel shaped end and concave ear plate.
993.1158.1: Weight for Vaginal SpeculumWeight for Vaginal Speculum, 1881-1930 Rounded lead weight for vaginal speculum.
995.2.5: Weighted Speculum, VaginalWeighted Speculum, Vaginal, 20th Cent. A single end AUVARD vaginal speculum, with a blade measuring 2¾ x 1½\", and weighted with a heavy 2½ lb weight. Commonly used in procedures such as vaginal hysterectomy or dilation and curettage.