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998.9.9: Spencer HB-MeterSpencer HB-Meter, 1950-1975 Pocket size 'Spencer' haemoglobinometer [Serial no. 28696] with scale on one side, grams Hb per 100 ml and blood chamber clip on other. A doublesided glass blood chamber with an H-shaped moat and a cover plate are held in the blood chamber clip. Plug for transformer at one end, black rimmed viewer eyepiece on other. Inside is a lamp, a green filter and two 'RAY.O.VAC' 1LP size ''C" 1½ volt batteries. The haemoglobinometer operates both from batteries or with 115 volts A.C. transformer. Pouch, accessory case and transformer are missing.
2005.18.1: Sphygmo-manometer, TycosSphygmo-manometer, Tycos, 1921-1970 Cased 'Tycos' mercurial sphygmo-manometer, desk model. The hinged lid houses a mercury column tube set between a scale; the scale is graduated from 0 to 260mm. The mercury reservoir is housed next to the scale. A name plate, 'Tycos MERCURIAL SPHYGMO- MANOMETER PATENT APPLIED FOR Taylor Instrument Co's. ROCHESTER, NY.' is screwed to the interior lid surface. The case contains a bandage type pressure cuff, covering a rubber inflatable bag, with rubber tubing and an inflating bulb with air release valve. The label stitched onto the pressure cuff reads "STANDARD MAGIC.CUFF MANUFACTURED FOR...
2006.621.1: SphygmomanometerSphygmomanometer, 1975 'Cardy 8 I Health De luxe' sphygmo manometer, battery powered (6.5 - 9 V). Consists of battery checker dial, on/off power switch and pressure dial graduated to 300mm Hg. Velcro cuff and rubber bulb attached to the instrument by a tube and plug connector. Serial no. 836797.
2006.579.1: SphygmomanometerSphygmomanometer, 1964-1985 'Minimus II' palm-style sphygmomanometer: gauge calibrated to 300mm Hg with inflating bulb with spoon-shaped grip and air release valve, hook-cuff with two rubber tubes and connectors in leather zippered lined case. Case dimensions given.
993.1226.1: Spinal Fluid Pressure ManometerSpinal Fluid Pressure Manometer, 1950-1980 B-D Spinal fluid pressure manometer no. 5027 [Fleischer modification-water type] consisting of two graduated manometer tubes with a total graduation of 60 cm with graduation scales baked in, a three-way stopcock and a reusable LUER-LOK short needle with a regular point [not original to the set]. The lower manometer tube section has a LUER-LOK connection to prevent it from being accidentally disconnected. A metal slip connection attaches the upper tube to the lower tube. All parts are stored in a sterilizing tray. Incomplete, box missing. Sterilizing tray dimensions given.
2006.213.1: Sputum VialSputum Vial, 1950-1991 A box containing an unused sputum sample vial to test for tuberculosis with an adhesive backed information label for the vial, Form L10. and a 'REQUISITION FORM L.69 FOR EXAMINATION FOR M. TUBERCULOSIS' Box dimensions given.
999.3.103: Stethophone, Marsh'sStethophone, Marsh's, c. 1895 A hinged case containing a stethophone: a diaphragm type chest piece engraved with ' MARSH'S STETHOPHONE PAT APP' and a wooden extension tube which screws into the diaphragm of the chest piece. Binaural unit and double outlet attachment missing. Case dimensions given.
995.2.7: Stethoscope, BinauralStethoscope, Binaural, 20th Cent. Binaural stethoscope, consists of plain unit with hard black rubber ear tips and two broken lengths of black rubber tubing attached. Bell chest piece with screw-on hard rubber cone end, single outlet with black rubber tube with metal insert attached. 'B-D' stamped into top of bell chest piece. Initials SM? are scratched onto the 'Y' connecter insert attached to the single tube. 'Y' connecter missing.
995.2.6: Stethoscope, BinauralStethoscope, Binaural, 1945-1994 Complete binaural stethoscope consists of chrome plated plain unit with hard black rubber ear tips, 'Y' piece, amber coloured rubber tubing and diaphragm type chest piece, single outlet. "CHIRURG GERMANY' and company logo stamped into chest piece.
993.224.1: Stethoscope, BinauralStethoscope, Binaural, 1911-1960 Folding binaural unit [RegD. No. 574187], white plastic ear tips and bell type chest piece, single outlet. Broken into 2 sections.'ALLEN&HANBURYS LONDON' stamped into surface.
993.88.1: Stethoscope, BinauralStethoscope, Binaural, c. 1900 Early binaural stethoscope with metal chest piece, rubber tubes and vulcanised rubber ear pieces.
993.1180.1: Stethoscope, BinauralStethoscope, Binaural, 1971-2000 'Riester' binaural unit, plain with hard black rubber ear tips, black rubber tubes, 'PROPPER' diaphragm type chest piece with single outlet. Tape on side of crux "Arnott" [name of owner] in red ink.
993.444.1: Stethoscope, BraceletStethoscope, Bracelet, 1905-1940 A blood pressure bracelet stethoscope consisting of a hard rubber diaphragm with a cover and a double outlet fixed to an adjustable metallic band for the arm; plus a red rubber tube in an unlined wooden case. A printed label on the case’s inner lid reads ' BRACELET STETHOSCOPE A BLOOD PRESSURE STETHOSCOPE BOWLES PATENT MADE BY G. P. PILLING & SON CO. PHILADELPHIA U.S.A.' a second small round printed label adhering to this reads ' THE J.F.HARTZ CO. LIMITED TORONTO'. Remains of a label adhering to box base. Incomplete. Case dimensions given.
995.4.75: Stethoscope, MonauralStethoscope, Monaural, 1910-1940 Portable wooden monaural stethoscope consisting of a long conical stem with chest bell at one end; screwed upright into a concave ear plate. The stem can be inserted through the ear piece for easy portability.
993.1261.1: Stethoscope, MonauralStethoscope, Monaural, 1901-1950 One piece monaural stethoscope consisting of a metal hollow stem with an expanded end [chest bell], and flat vulcanised rubber ear plate.