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2006.676.1: Clamp, PilesClamp, Piles, 1941-1990 JARVIS's pile clamp, slightly curved serrated angiotribe jaws, screw lock joint, ring handles and ratchet lock. Jaws 6cm length.
2006.555.1: Clamp, RegulatingClamp, Regulating, 20th Cent. Regulating cut-off clamp, HOFFMAN screw compressor with bar in fixed position.
993.139.1: Clamp, TonsilClamp, Tonsil, 1915-1954 CULLOM's tonsil clamp with ratchet [also called compressor forceps]. A gauze pad is held in place by the hinged ring.
993.824.1: Clamp, TowelClamp, Towel, 1950-1991 MOYNIHAN'S towel clamp: curved head with 2 x 2 sharp prong tips, screw lock, long shanks, short ratchet lock and finger ring handles.
998.1.19: Clamp, TowelClamp, Towel, 1950-1980 MOYNIHAN'S towel clamp: curved head with 2 x 2 sharp prong tips, screw lock, long shanks, short ratchet lock and finger ring handles. 'NIPPON ®' stamped into the surface.
993.823.1: Clamp, TowelClamp, Towel, 1950-1991 MOYNIHAN'S towel clamp: curved head with 2 x 2 sharp prong tips, screw lock, long shanks, short ratchet lock and finger ring handles.
993.126.1: Collins' LampCollins' Lamp, 1901-1920 Portable benzoline lamp with collimating lens. The oil is poured into the base which contains a sponge, the wick is threaded in the stem. The lit wick is reflected in a polished metal backing through the lens. 'MAW LONDON.E.C.' is stamped into the surface.
993.1302.1: Colorimeter Clinical ManualColorimeter Clinical Manual, c. 1952 Clinical manual for Klett-Summerson Photoelectric Colorimeter. The manual consists of sheets of printed paper in a ring binder giving general directions for detailed analytical procedures. This includes operational instructions with diagram of instrument, list of Klett tested reagents, methods to determine: level of blood sugar, non-protein nitrogen in blood, uric acid in blood, urea in blood, creatinine in blood, serum bilirubin, cholesterol in whole blood, plasma or serum, ascorbic acid [vitamin C] in plasma, calcium in blood serum, inorganic phosphate in whole blood, plasma or serum,...
993.1293.1: Colorimeter, PhotoelectricColorimeter, Photoelectric, 1940-1952 Klett-Summerson Photoelectric Colorimeter model no. 800-3. Consisting of a rectangular casing with a light source [electric bulb] at one end with an on/off switch and a circular opening for the passage of light rays covered by a square plate of clear glass. A second plate of glass [light filter], blue in colour, mounted in a black painted casing is placed between the lamp housing and instrument proper. Placed in the instrument is a graduated colorimeter tube [0-10ml] with a cork stopper. Besides the tube is the zero adjustment knob and the pointer knob and pointer scale is located on the...
993.132.1: Contact Lens SetContact Lens Set, 1936-1948 Contact lens set consisting of two 'scleral' hard contact lenses and a rubber suction holder in a velvet lined case. 'L' is scratched into the left eye lens and '+' into the right eye lens. Adhesive bandage strips on both lid and base, writing on lid is very faded; 'EARLY TYPE PLASTIC(?) CONTACT LENSES .. WITH RUBBER SUCTION .. FOR LUBRICATION .. ', and 'LT. A.C. WALSH A 110 C.I.T.C. Camp Borden Ontario' written on base. The box has been repaired with adhesive bandage tape. The extra suction holder is not original to set. Dimension given are for closed case.
993.131.1: Contact Lens SetContact Lens Set, c. 1940 Contact lens set consisting of a steel case containing two round lidded cardboard boxes each containing a 'scleral' hard contact lens laying on a bed of cotton wool and a rubber suction holder in a lidded plastic vial. The lids of the boxes have the name of the owner 'Walsh' and both 'L' or 'R' to denote the lens for each eye, also 'R' is scratched into the right eye lens. The case is engraved with the owners name 'A.C. WALSH'. Dimensions given are for closed case.
993.133.1: Contact Lenses, CasedContact Lenses, Cased, c. 1930 Leather holder containing three brown D-shaped plastic hinged single contact lens cases. Case for lens type 25/7 R [contact lens missing], case for lens type 25/75 L +1,00 [contact lens missing] and case for lens type 2/8 containing hard 'scleral' contact lens [2cm diameter, 0.8cm depth]. Manufacturer's details 'CARL ZEISS JENA Made in Germany' in relief on one case lid and 'CARL ZEISS JENA GERMANY' on lid of other two. Circular piece of adhesive bandage attached to interior lid of each contact lens case with owners name 'ARTHUR C. WALSH' printed in pencil around the edge. Strip of...
993.717.1: Cranioclast, Braun'sCranioclast, Braun's, 20th Cent. Craniotomy forceps, BRAUN's cranioclast is composed of two curved blades, one fenestrated with serrated internal sides, the other solid with serrated jaws and a roughened side fitting into the first. Single disjointing lap joint and finger lugs placed at the top end of the handles. Manufacturer’s trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown (Rod of Asclepius)] stamped into surface. Screw and wingnut missing.
997.14.1: CrucibleCrucible Thin walled cup shape with flat bottom, iron based material. Exterior surfaces discoloured with accretions adhering to interior surfaces. Crucible may have had a lid which is missing.
996.7.1: Cryocautery SetCryocautery Set, 1901-1930 Cryocautery set in a lidded case with clasp. The set includes five probes and a handle. 'DRAPIER FRANCE' stamped into all parts except part c. 'BTE.SGDG' also stamped into the handle top. The plastic central body has cracked showing an old repair with adhesive tape. The instrument uses carbon dioxide snow pencils to cool the probes. Incomplete, nozzle missing. Case dimensions given.