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993.137.1: Branston Violet Ray High Frequency GeneratorBranston Violet Ray High Frequency Generator, 1901-1940 Cased electro-therapeutical apparatus with one metal electrode and 4 high frequency violet ray surface electrodes [sealed glass tubes] used for: internal and external throat, eye and general surface [broken]. A ribbon with the product name 'Branston Violet Ray High Frequency Generator' is attached to the inner lid padding. A lever and dial are used to regulate the current strength, with 2 lengths of electrical cords ending in a Bakelite electrode handle and plug. A metal plate is attached giving manufacturer's details and model type and number 'MODEL 25 NO 11830'. Incomplete, 1 glass...
993.1113.1: Breast Suction Pump SetBreast Suction Pump Set, 1840-1870 A breast suction pump in green velvet lined box consisting of brass suction pump with piston rod, which has an ivory thumb rest and leather clad plunger base, which screws onto glass breast suction cup. Small oblong brass plaque on lid of box, lock plate and hook catches.
993.265.1: Browne's Eclectic PlasterBrowne's Eclectic Plaster, 1902-1914 'Browne's Eclectic Plaster' with information and application leaflet. The plaster consists of a pad, adhesive on one side backed with muslin cloth cut in two. The pad is faced with muslin, printed with name and address of manufacturer, with 2 discs of copper and 2 of another metal situated between the pad and facing cloth.
995.4.84: Burton Burton "Black Light" Lamp, 1935-1955 Portable hand held electrical fluorescing UV-A lamp [Wood's light]. Consists of two fluorescent tubes with black glass outer-casing plugged into the lamp housing. The Bakelite lamp housing has a "on and off" switch, a central magnifier lens, a side handle and a 5 ft cord. 110-120 volts, produces 3660 angstrom units of UV. Also three 4W General Electric tubes: two 'DAYLIGHT' and one 'BLACKLIGHT' with the black glass outer-casing missing. 'Burton' stamped into housing surface.
993.589.1: Buxton's BottleBuxton's Bottle, 1881-1930 BUXTON bottle, part of Chloroform-Ether inhaler equipment [Junker's Chloroform Inhaler] fitted with automatic safety valve. Graduated to 8 drms. Screw top with inlet and outlet tubes fitted with stopcocks, metal hook attached and leather internal seal. 'BARTH & CO LONDON' stamped into top and letter 'B' into stopcock handle.
2006.643.1: CalipersCalipers, 1936-1950 'ESCO' calipers with sharp pointed ends with cardboard box. Closed calipers dimensions given.
993.596.1: CandleCandle Metal tube with wax candle and internal spring mechanisms. To be used with Candle lamp illuminator.
993.595.1: Candle Lamp IlluminatorCandle Lamp Illuminator, 1852-1885 Candle lamp illuminator fitted with 2 bulls eye condensing lenses of different focal length for direct and indirect retinoscopy. '14' stamped into top rim. Top missing. Design ascribed to John Evangelist Purkinji [1823].
993.946.1: Canister, BromideCanister, Bromide, 20th Cent. Boxwood canister to carry a bottle containing bromide. 'BROMIDE' printed in ink on lid (now very faint). The canister contains eight leather washers/seals which are unrelated.
2006.530.1: CatheterCatheter, 20th Cent. Male catheter curving at one end with an extended eyelet and solid end.
998.7.3: CatheterCatheter, 1980-1998 Male urethral catheter consisting of a long tube curving at one end with two oval eyelets [one each side], a screw joint which connects a funnel stem, and a stopper/holder.
2006.149.1: CatheterCatheter, 1901-1950 Plain male double current catheter, with divided channel and solid rounded tip with two oval eyelets [one each side].
2007.3.1: CatheterCatheter, c. 1900 Plain male catheter with stilette. The catheter has two finger rest loops situated at the top where the stilette is inserted, and a solid rounded tip with two oval eyelets [one each side].
2006.161.1: CatheterCatheter, 20th Cent. Plain female urethral catheter, solid tip with two oval eyelets [one each side] and a screw joint which connects to a stem. Incomplete.
993.423.1: CatheterCatheter, 20th Cent. Three piece, screw joint, female catheter with two oval eyelets.