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2006.643.1: CalipersCalipers, 1936-1950 'ESCO' calipers with sharp pointed ends with cardboard box. Closed calipers dimensions given.
993.596.1: CandleCandle Metal tube with wax candle and internal spring mechanisms. To be used with Candle lamp illuminator.
993.595.1: Candle Lamp IlluminatorCandle Lamp Illuminator, 1852-1885 Candle lamp illuminator fitted with 2 bulls eye condensing lenses of different focal length for direct and indirect retinoscopy. '14' stamped into top rim. Top missing. Design ascribed to John Evangelist Purkinji [1823].
993.946.1: Canister, BromideCanister, Bromide, 20th Cent. Boxwood canister to carry a bottle containing bromide. 'BROMIDE' printed in ink on lid (now very faint). The canister contains eight leather washers/seals which are unrelated.
2006.149.1: CatheterCatheter, 1901-1950 Plain male double current catheter, with divided channel and solid rounded tip with two oval eyelets [one each side].
998.7.3: CatheterCatheter, 1980-1998 Male urethral catheter consisting of a long tube curving at one end with two oval eyelets [one each side], a screw joint which connects a funnel stem, and a stopper/holder.
2007.3.1: CatheterCatheter, c. 1900 Plain male catheter with stilette. The catheter has two finger rest loops situated at the top where the stilette is inserted, and a solid rounded tip with two oval eyelets [one each side].
2006.161.1: CatheterCatheter, 20th Cent. Plain female urethral catheter, solid tip with two oval eyelets [one each side] and a screw joint which connects to a stem. Incomplete.
993.423.1: CatheterCatheter, 20th Cent. Three piece, screw joint, female catheter with two oval eyelets.
2006.530.1: CatheterCatheter, 20th Cent. Male catheter curving at one end with an extended eyelet and solid end.
993.112.1: Catheter SetCatheter Set, c. 1900 Set of 'Professor Lister's Catheters' in case. 7x solid end catheters; 6 with oval eye on one side size nos. 1, 2, 10, 11, 12, prostatic no.9 and 2 with oval eye on both sides [no sizes], 4 with guides. Stoppered bottle containing liquid [lubricant?]. 'Professor Lister's Catheters' printed in gold lettering on inner lid surface. Incomplete 6 catheters missing.
993.847.1: Catheter, LubricatingCatheter, Lubricating, 1897-1940 Instrument for administering semi-solid substances, consisting of a catheter screwed onto a tubular barrel with a threaded piston top. 'HARTZ' stamped into catheter top and barrel.
995.4.41: CeleritCelerit, 1930-1939 Cube shaped wrap around cardboard box containing the full set of 16 tan coloured blocks [prism shaped] of Celerit, a resinous reinforcing material used with Hominit as part of the 'Poller Moulage process', a process for making reproductions. Invented by Dr Alphonse Poller [of Vienna], it is used in conjunction with Negocoll (elastic hydrocolloidal composition) and Hominit [Registered Trade Marks]. Summary of the method of use as quoted from 'The Ideal Materials for Plastic Reproductions' booklet [printed by Kern Company] - "When the Negocoll has been liquefied by heating and allowed to...
993.980.1: CentrifugeCentrifuge, 1901-1950 Hand-driven mechanical centrifuge with inbuilt table clamp, removable tube rotation top with 2 aluminium tube holders and graduated tapered glass tubes, 10cc. Spare rotation top and tube holder. Spare rotation top and 2 tube holders have 'MADE IN GERMANY' stamped into surface.
2013.9.1: Ceremonial WhistleCeremonial Whistle, c. 1870 A Kwakiutl ceremonial Hamatsa carved single note cedar whistle with cord and textile binding wrapped around areas. The wood is glued together with pitch from the hemlock tree. Contact with early seafarers is seen in the navel type of string used. 'A N' and '15' is carved into the wood surface.