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2006.299.1: Ultra-Violet GogglesUltra-Violet Goggles, 1929-1978 Deep case containing goggles for protection against ultra-violet rays during treatment. The goggles have round green tinted lenses, hinged side protectors and cable curl sides with end stumps. The case is brown coated steel with a snap lid. 'WEAR THESE GOGGLES PROTECT YOUR EYES' stamped in relief on the lid with interlocking manufacturer's trademark AO. The letters 'S' within a circle and 'D' are engraved into each of the lenses. Case dimensions given.
2006.298.1: Ultra-Violet Safety GogglesUltra-Violet Safety Goggles, 1930-1950 Lidded box containing two pairs of safety goggles [the box may not be the original one for the goggles]. The box has blue painted steel corner clips and the words 'GENERAL ELECTRIC X-RAY CORPORATION ULTRA-VIOLET GOGGLES' printed in silver lettering on the lid. The goggles have a metal frame with a W-bridge, cable curl sides with end stumps, hinged metal mesh side protectors and glazed with round dark tinted lenses. 'WILLSON' is stamped into the bridge of both pair of goggles. Box dimensions given.
993.226.1: Urethral Sounds, SetUrethral Sounds, Set, 1911-1960 Set of twenty-two GUYON dilating sounds; size 10 to 32 and eight straight dilating sounds; size 14 to 30 [size 20 missing] in wood case. Manufacturer's name 'LOUIS&H.LOEWENSTEIN BERLIN' stamped into each sound. Case dimension given.
993.387.1: UrethratomeUrethratome, 1891-1940 OTIS-WYETH’s urethratome, plain, straight, with cog wheel [cog missing] and two knives in a case. The two knives are ratcheted and can be advanced by rack and pinion. Case dimensions given.
995.4.21: UrethroscopeUrethroscope, 1920-1950 LUY's male and female cased urethroscope. The set includes: two male specula [48 & 52 gauge] with pilots, two female specula [50 & 55 gauge] with pilots, handle with switch and lens clip, two lenses, five lamps with long shafts [1 extra to set] and connecting cables. Interior labels for manufacturer Allen & Hanburys Ltd. and supplier J.F. Hartz Co. Ltd. Sick Room Supplies. 'ALLEN&HANBURYS LONDON' stamped into the surface of several of the parts. Case dimensions given.
995.4.67: UrethroscopeUrethroscope, 1915-1940 WYNDHAM POWELL's urethroscope with operating attachments, telescope and set of instruments consisting of a handle containing a lamp and reflector mirror; two magnifying attachments where the lens can be removed; six urethra cannula and pilots; a rubber concertina-like cylinder secured at each end to a metal discs, one disc has a mount for the nozzle of the urethroscope and the other mount to plug into the urethral cannula [the rubber membrane has deteriorated and is missing]; viewing cone; telescopic lens; two lens attachments; instruments: curette, curved bladed knife, probe, injection...
993.370.1: Urinal, ChineseUrinal, Chinese, 18th Cent. Chinese style underglaze blue floral decorated ceramic urinal. Metal handle attached to top [old repair to replace original handle, now missing]. Curved rectangular shape. Bat design on spout [bat symbolizes happiness]. Rim design from 13th or 14th century Ming dynasty traditions, but the urinal is a copy of this older design, probably 18th century.
999.8.1: Urinal, MaleUrinal, Male, 1921-1980 Box containing 'DAVOL Quality' No.5 size male urinal pouch with waistbelt and accessories which include a connecting tube, spare elastic belt strap and 3 safety pins. For day and night use. Paper label attached to pouch.
993.936.1: Urine Testing KitUrine Testing Kit, 1903-1950 Pocket urine testing kit in case consisting of: Albuminometer with etched graduations; a test tube; a fermentation saccharometer with etched graduations and stand; mercury weighted float; mercury weighted hydrometer with a paper graduation scale for Diabetes; a graduated specimen dropper with etched graduations to 1CC, bent tip and bulb; litmus red test papers in corked vial; a stirring rod and a wire holder. Case dimensions given.
993.1183.1: Urinometer in CaseUrinometer in Case, 1960-1990 Cylindrical cardboard case with sliding lid covered with textured paper. Glass urinometer 'Diabetes' with long calibrated neck 0-60W and lower bulb containing mercury. Top of lid missing.
2011.39.1: Vaccination Information PadVaccination Information Pad, c. 1963 A pad of five patient information sheets on smallpox vaccinations. There are three pictures showing the healing process of the vaccination site printed on one side of the sheet. Care information, some common reactions to the vaccination with suggested medication and space to write a date to when revaccination should be given is printed on the other side of the sheet.
993.145.1: VaccinatorVaccinator, 1870-1900 Vaccinator with 5 steel needle points soldered onto a metal fitting attached to the end of a hollow ivory body with a separate sliding cap to regulate the length of the needle points. The other end consists of a detachable scarifying knife. The manufacturer's name 'MAYER & MELTZER' is stamped into the cap's surface.
2011.34.1: VaccinatorVaccinator, 1950-1978 PADBURY's double ended "rotary" vaccinator with spatula and five spear points in case. The short needle points are anchored to a small disc, the central needle is blunt and longer than the other four sharp points. 'DOWN LONDON' stamped into vaccinator's handle and 'DOWN BROS LONDON' stamped into case lid. Case dimensions given.
993.1309.1: Vacuum Suction ApparatusVacuum Suction Apparatus, 1915-1950 Hydrostatic vacuum suction apparatus to fit onto a water tap, consisting of a cylinder with a rubber funnel situated inside at one end and a short spout protruding from the side. A rubber hose is attached to the spout and at the other end of the hose is a YANKAUER'S suction tube.The suction tube has a squared ribbed handle, a removable perforated tip and a slip-on end for a rubber hose. 'GRAY'S UNIVERSAL SUCTION PUMP PAT 9-28-15' and trademark [S over J inside circle] stamped into the cylinder. Incomplete, the chain to fix over tap is missing.
993.1237.1: VD Prevention BookletVD Prevention Booklet, c. 1940 Stapled health booklet entitled "Three Queens but I'll pass." This booklet was given to soldiers on active service and contains information on the consequences of contracting a venereal disease and preventive methods. Publication information printed on page 27 '400M-4-44 (4439) K. P. 7438 H. Q. C. 8994-2'.