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995.4.86: Binocular LoupeBinocular Loupe, 1950-1959 Physician's spectacles consisting of a folding metal spectacle frame with corrective bifocal lenses, fixed plaquets and cable curl side arms. Extending from each side of the bridge are two projecting bars [incised decoration on one side] ending in a pair of framed rectangular magnifying lenses hanging from a bar with an adjusting knob each end to set the width between the lenses. The magnifying lenses are sphero-prisms which allow the eyes to maintain a normal binocular relationship.
995.4.29: Binocular MagnifierBinocular Magnifier, c. 1920 Watson's "Speera" magnifier consists of two achromatic lenses set at an angle in rolled gold spectacle frames with curl side arms and an adjustable spring bar bridge and plaquets pivoted on the frame with cork nose-pads with striations to give better grip. The lenses are fixed into a coated metal housing and held in place by bars screwed into housing. The magnifier's case is lined with velvet and has the manufacturer's name and address in gold print. The information leaflet accompanying the magnifier gives the manufacturer's details and information on two types of 'Binocular Magnifier'....
993.1.1: Blood Cell CalculatorBlood Cell Calculator, 1924-1952 Marbel's blood-cell calculator, an adding machine for erythrocytes, leucocytes and blood platelets. Model VI-T No.11633.
2006.417.1: Blood Sedimentation ApparatusBlood Sedimentation Apparatus, c. 1950 Wintrobe blood sedimentation apparatus consisting of a rack, grey crinkle finish cast iron base with chrome plated upright, and 3 haematocrit sedimentation tubes, graduated from 0 to 100 upwards and downwards in 1mm divisions, scale in contrasting colours, 3mm bore. Rack has following numbers engraved into base '15 A-2454-11-3'.
2006.419.1: Blood Sedimentation RackBlood Sedimentation Rack, 1951-1960 Varnished wooden frame with square base with 6 unit rack, U-shaped vertical support with 3 clips attached and 2 clinical diagnostic tubes graduated downwards 0 to 200mm in 1mm divisions. Three rubber cushion stoppers remain; 2 red [original] and 1 purple [replacement]. A handle is attached to the frame by a brass hinge.
2006.323.1: Blood Sugar TubeBlood Sugar Tube, 1950-1990 Blood sugar glass test tube, graduated at 25ml. 'KIMAX USA' etched into surface.
2005.19.6: Blunt Hook and CrotchetBlunt Hook and Crotchet, 1931-1980 Blunt obstetric hook and crochet used in obstetrics. Manufacturer's name 'ARNOLD &SONS LONDON' stamped into the surface.
993.658.1: Bone Cutting ForcepsBone Cutting Forceps, 20th Cent. LISTON bone cutting forceps with straight cutting blades. 'THE J. F. HARTZ CO.' and manufacturer's trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown] stamped into surface.
2011.13.1: Bone SawBone Saw, 1952-1998 Metacarpal saw with a hollow fluted handle.
993.556.1: Boomerang Needle HolderBoomerang Needle Holder, 1901-1950 YOUNG's boomerang needle holder with a spring mechanism in handle and a suture needle insitu. 'DOWNBROSLONDON' stamped into handle.
997.17.63: BottleBottle, 1900-1928 Green embossed bottle and black hard rubber stopper with washer. Embossed on bottle front is 'W.E.RUMMING NANAIMO B.C.', in the center is an image of a pick and shovel crossing at handles [company trademark] with words 'REGD' above and 'TRADE MARK' below. Embossed at the back of the bottle near to base is 'RILEY'S PATENT THE RILEY MNFG Co LONDON.S.W'. 'NANAIMO B.C. PATENT' AND 'W.E.RUMMING RILEY'S' is stamped on either side of the stopper.
993.190.1: Bottle HolderBottle Holder, 1911-1950 Screw top metal container used to carry medicine bottle.
993.223.1: Bottle in HolderBottle in Holder, 1911-1950 Stoppered narrow mouth glass bottle in a metal screw-cap container. Leather disc in base to cushion bottle. Outlines of a bee and 'LONDON MADE' stamped into base.
993.231.1: Bottle, ApothecaryBottle, Apothecary, 1862-1876 Empty cylindrical round shouldered blue syrup bottle, narrow neck, flared lip. The side of the bottle is moulded with an octagonal recess for a label plate. The plastic covered label has black lettering \'SYR. FER.PHOS.CO\' and gold trim. The bottle has two moulding seams down sides and embossed lettering on base \'W N WALTON PATD SEP 23 1862\'. Incomplete, stopper is missing.
997.17.64: Bottle, Citrate of MagnesiaBottle, Citrate of Magnesia, 1900-1950 Clear glass bottle and porcelain stopper with rubber washer attached with wire to bottle. Bottle embossed with 'CITRATE OF MAGNESIA' surrounded by a decorative shield. The bottle has two mold seams down sides.