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993.4.1: Syringe, SetSyringe, Set, 1950-1980 Leather covered hinged lidded wooden case with cardboard and plastic inserts. Contains glass hypodermic syringe barrel with plated metal mount, tip shield and flanged rubber finger rest collar. Thumb ring on graduated semi round piston rod with rubber end. 3 needles with cannulae; 2 with regular points and 1 with blunt end. Manufacturer's name 'PARKE, DAVIS & CO.' and 'PAT AUG25 1885' stamped into syringe mount.
993.175.1: Syringe, SetSyringe, Set, 1910-1950 Aluminium case with hinged lid and manufacturer's name and address stamped on the base; containing a syringe with a top cap, finger rest and 1.5cc graduated piston rod, 2 needles [both screw into case], 3 glass tabloid vials; ' HYPODERMATIC TABLETS No.2. Apomorphine hydrochl. 1-10 gr. [empty], ' HYPODERMATIC TABLETS No.5. Cocaine hydrochlorate, 1-4 gr. [with cork stopper, empty], corked vial containing one tablet, no label. The case is held in a leather draw string pouch. Information sheet on syringe and hypodermic tablets.
2011.30.1: Syringe, TuberculinSyringe, Tuberculin, 1970-1998 1cc graduated all glass tuberculin syringe, with Luer slip tip, in box. No. 2004, catalogue No. 1 YT. Syringe dimensions given.
2011.36.1: Syringe, VaccineSyringe, Vaccine, 1960-1998 Squared graduated [1-6] glass syringe barrel with eccentric tip and metal piston rod. 'Gouttes' [drops], 'INAVA' and 'Made in France' etched into surface.
995.1.1: Table, ExaminationTable, Examination, 1910 Adjustable oak examination cabinet table on casters with three double sided drawers lined with glass and a through cupboard with a door either side of the table; each door holds two glass trays on outward swinging racks and a white enamel tray on a shelf. Two-piece top which can be tilted side to side with a foot pedal. The head rest adjusts to three positions with a release lever on the sides. The foot/shin rest has two positions; down or horizontal with the table top.The base of the white enamel trays are spray painted with a logo 'HYGIENIC AUSTRIA'. The manufacture's details are in...
2006.679.1: Tablets, TylenolTablets, Tylenol, 1960-1978 2 Tylenol (acetaminophen) tablets in sealed plastic wrapper. Information written in both French and English.
992.6.1: Talking StickTalking Stick, 1990 Hand carved, painted yellow cedar talking stick. Carvings from the top are the caricatures of an eagle, human face, sea serpent, whale with two ravens and pectoral fin, raven, bear, salmon. The talking stick was designed and carved by Bill Wilson of the Kwagulth (Kwakiutl) nation. It was given as a gift, from former Canadian Medical Association president Dr. Gordon Fahrni, to the British Columbia Medical Association [now Doctors of BC] and served as the Association's official mace. Talking stick dimensions given. Overall height 170.5cm.
995.2.8: Tester, HearingTester, Hearing, 1974-1995 Black pen-shaped instrument with pocket clip, 'USA DORC4' stamped into clip. Circled 'S' symbol at one end and 'Hearing Ambassador™ - Hear Pen, Can you hear the tone in both ears? Patents Pending' written on body of pen. Patent number for conductor tube '3806724' stamped into top.
2006.639.1: Thermalaid ApplicatorThermalaid Applicator, 1928 A parcel post box containing an electrical applicator which generates infra-red radiation for treatment of the prostate. Consists of an electrical cable ending in an applicator connector at one end and a combined lamp socket/plug at the other. An on/off switch is located midway on the cable. Also includes the following: an applicator and two different socket fittings; two tubes of IKTHIN, a medicated lubricant [iodine, ichthyol, chloretone and petrolatum], the partially used tube has a tube key and a perforated application nozzle attached; a spare perforated application nozzle and tube...
999.3.108: Thermo-floThermo-flo, 1940-1955 Newman Thermo-flo machine in case with leather handle, and two catches. Within the case is a control panel consisting of a temperature control dial, power switch and pressure gauge. There are three pipes [pressure, return and flow] extending from the left hand side panel. Attachment apparatus include two rubber hoses each with an embedded thermometer 0-40°F and an inflatable bulb attached. The machine was manufactured by Majestic Surgical Instrument Company, serial no. R559. The mains lead and plug are missing.
993.186.1: Thermometer in CaseThermometer in Case, 1921-1960 Half-minute, easy set, 95°-110°F scale thermometer [No. 37] in metal plated case. Thermometer mercury bulb broken and missing.
993.81.1: Thermometer in CaseThermometer in Case, 1928 One-minute oral-long bulb thermometer, mercury indicator 94 to 110°F, in screw top aluminium case. Pin and chain attached to case. 'Certificate of Examination of CLINICAL THERMOMETER' and directions of use, No. 9338, issued and stamped July 16 1928.
993.219.1: Thermometer in CaseThermometer in Case, 1911-1960 Half-minute, "Progress", 95°-110°F scale thermometer in metal plated case. Thermometer mercury bulb broken and missing.
993.889.1: TheromerTheromer, 1915-1945 A push-on lid with ring handle, internal hollow tube leading to an external spray valve and tube connector. The wooden handle is not attached but screws into a metal ring which fits around the body of the container. The container is filled with a wax-like solid which can be heated on a stove or placed into hot water. A Theromer is used for spraying wax-like preparation in the treatment of burns. Rubber tube and bulb missing.
999.3.1: Tincture of IodineTincture of Iodine, 1940-1960 Rectangular brown bottle with a red rubber stopper containing 3 fluid ounces of Tincture of Iodine. In relief on the back of the bottle is a scull and cross bones and 'POISON LIQ. IODINE'. Paper label on outside has antidote printed in black ink.