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993.1261.1: Stethoscope, MonauralStethoscope, Monaural, 1901-1950 One piece monaural stethoscope consisting of a metal hollow stem with an expanded end [chest bell], and flat vulcanised rubber ear plate.
993.16.1: Stethoscope, MonauralStethoscope, Monaural, 1870-1897 Turned wooden monaural stethoscope consisting of a hollow stem with an expanded end, and screw-on concave ear plate.
998.4.1: Stethoscope, MonauralStethoscope, Monaural, 1920-1960 Monaural stethoscope consisting of a hollow metal stem with an expanded end [chest bell] and slide-on concave ear plate with swivel joint. The stethoscope is positioned upright for use, and at right angle for carrying.
993.979.1: Stethoscope, MonauralStethoscope, Monaural, 1881-1930 PINARD type single stethoscope. Wood, turned in one piece with funnel shaped end and concave ear plate.
993.5.1: Stop  Watch, Pulse FrequencyStop Watch, Pulse Frequency, c. 1870 A pocket watch to measure the frequency of the pulse. In a case with dial face, spring-type mechanism. Early design.
993.768.1: Stump ProbeStump Probe, 1901-1950 Stump probe with right angled sharp point. 'MAW LONDON' stamped into the handle.
993.34.1: Suction PumpSuction Pump, 1906-1953 Spring action metal pump, part of Becton Dickinson Dry Cupping Set, to be used with cupping glasses. Consists of a small container and removable lid with central shaft. To one end of shaft [inside container] a spring is connected. A finger rest collar connected to upper end of shaft is pressed down to activate spring. Manufacturer's details stamped into lid 'BECTON DICKINSON & CO. RUTHERFORD N.J. PAT. DEC - 06'. Nozzle to attached to rubber tube missing.
993.1139.1: Support, AbdominalSupport, Abdominal, 1960-2000 Boxed elastic abdominal support, extra large size. Manufacturer's label attached to the lid reads ' No. 510 MEN'S Elastic Rib Belt with Velcro Fastening Size EX. L. Airway SURGICAL APPLIANCES Ottawa, Ont. Made in Canada'. Box dimensions given.
993.1117.1: Surgery SetSurgery Set, 1860-1901 Mahogany case inlaid with brass with side hooks and front lock mechanism. Partially lined with purple velvet, lift-up panel in lid, removable wooden tray fitted with brass frame to hold instruments and lift out flaps [1 missing]. Contains 5 ivory handled instruments: Tenaculum, scalpel, ligature needle [all stamped with 'S.MAW SON & THOMPSON LONDON'], long curved bladed knife, hernia knife [both stamped with 'S.MAW & SON LONDON'], and a spool of fine wire and safety pin. Key missing.
993.1118.1: Surgical Instrument SetSurgical Instrument Set, 1851-1900 Case containing ten instruments for minor general surgery including: three scalpels, aneurism needle, tenaculum, two straight bistouries with sharp points, curved probe-pointed bistory, curved knife with probe end and a tumour hook. Seven instruments are original to the set with 'W. & H. HUTCHINSON SHEFFIELD' stamped into their surface. Two instruments have 'S. MAW SON & THOMPSON LONDON' stamped into their surface and one instrument has no stamp. A manufacturer's label attached to the internal case lid flap reads 'W. & H. HUTCHINSON SHEFFIELD SURGICAL INSTRUMENT MAKERS TO THE ROYAL NAVY'....
993.372.1: Surgical Needles in CaseSurgical Needles in Case, 1900-1940 15 surgical needles in case, 'REMK' [owner’s initials] engraved on lid and supplier 'J.H.CHAPMAN MONTREAL' stamped into base. The case is fitted with spring slots for holding the needles. The needle types are as follows: 2 x half-curved, 6 x regular ¼ circle, 7 x ½ circle. Case dimensions given.
995.2.11: SyringeSyringe, 1941-1990 5cc graduated syringe barrel with details and name of manufacturer in brown lettering 'B-D LUER-LOK MULTIFIT MADE IN U.S.A.' and plunger. Metal LUER-LOK tip.
995.2.10: SyringeSyringe, 1941-1990 2cc [30ml] graduated syringe barrel with details and name of manufacturer in red lettering '3813Y B-D YALE-LOK Becton-Dickinson & Co' and plunger. Metal B-D LUER-LOK tip.
993.1152.1: SyringeSyringe, 1951-2000 2oz all metal syringe with finger rings on top cap and thumb ring on piston rod, three-way stopcock attached. Semi-round graduated piston rod stamped with ¼oz divisions.
993.218.1: SyringeSyringe, 1945-1960 2cc graduated glass syringe with side arm. 'LUER - KAUFMAN' printed in red on barrel. Piston rod's base marked with fused-in precision line to facilitate dosage measurement.