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993.117.1: Syringe SetSyringe Set, c. 1917 Hinged lidded case with 'H.S.D. 1917' engraved on lid. Contains 2 sharp pointed syringe needles and cannulae with 2 leather washers. Incomplete, syringe missing. Part of WWI German Army field surgery kit.
993.635.1: Syringe Set, TonsilSyringe Set, Tonsil, 1941-1990 Cardboard lidded box with lift-out tray, containing: Luer-Lok 5cc control syringe, glass barrel with graduation scales baked in, detachable finger rings and plunger base marked with a fused-in precision line to facilitate dosage measurement; two tonsil needles one straight and one slightly curved near the end, both have a LUER-LOK hub and a gauge to control depth of puncture. Printed label adhering to the underside of the box base reads 'X15 U.S. PAT NOS. 1,742,497..1,793,068..2,076,121 OTHERPATS. ON NEEDLE HUBS APPD. FOR ALSO U.S. PAT. NOS. 1,863,785..1,998,982'. Box dimensions given.
2011.31.1: Syringe, CartridgeSyringe, Cartridge, 1950-1966 Boxed "MITREX" all steel cartridge syringe for use with disposable pre-filled glass cartridge units; consists of a central hollow cylindrical barrel, plunger with thumb rest, crossbar finger rest and two screw-on nozzle tips. ‘MADE IN ENGLAND FOR MITREX MEDICAL & INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT LTD.’ stamped into barrel. Cartridge syringe with nozzle dimensions given.
998.1.30: Syringe, Embalmer's ValveSyringe, Embalmer's Valve, 1930-1970 Large plated brass syringe barrel with double tipped embalmer's valve. T bar handle and brass plunger on piston rod with screw on cap.
993.177.1: Syringe, HypodermicSyringe, Hypodermic, 1946-1965 1cc graduated octagonal shaped frosted glass syringe barrel with round, blue frosted glass plunger (octagonal cap).
993.176.1: Syringe, HypodermicSyringe, Hypodermic, 1946-1965 1cc graduated octagonal shaped frosted glass syringe barrel with round blue frosted glass plunger (octagonal cap).
993.182.1: Syringe, Hypodermic KitSyringe, Hypodermic Kit, 1911-1950 Metal oval case with lift-out frame containing 1cc graduated glass syringe barrel with round glass piston rod. 'HAWKINS. LONDON' stamped into lid. 'BRITISH MADE' stamped into lift-out frame. Needle missing.
2011.2.1: Syringe, RectalSyringe, Rectal, 1981-1998 'VICEROY' boxed rectal syringe No 230 small size. Rubber bulb with separate hard rubber applicator tip. Box dimensions given.
993.217.1: Syringe, SerumSyringe, Serum, 1946-1960 Graduated, 50ml, 'PYREX BRAND' glass barrel with hollow glass plunger.
993.33.1: Syringe, SetSyringe, Set, 1900-1914 Rectangular hinged lidded case with lift-out rack holding 5 graduated frosted glass syringe barrels [20cc, 10cc, 5cc, 2cc and 1cc for insulin] with fixed tapered tips and removable collars and plungers [thumb rest on top of plunger stem]. 18 needles and canulae in fixed rack on inside of lid, room for 20 needles total. 'ORIGINAL-RECORD/"DREI FACKELRING"-MARKE' with ringed staff design in centre stamped into top centre of case.
993.4.1: Syringe, SetSyringe, Set, 1950-1980 Leather covered hinged lidded wooden case with cardboard and plastic inserts. Contains glass hypodermic syringe barrel with plated metal mount, tip shield and flanged rubber finger rest collar. Thumb ring on graduated semi round piston rod with rubber end. 3 needles with cannulae; 2 with regular points and 1 with blunt end. Manufacturer's name 'PARKE, DAVIS & CO.' and 'PAT AUG25 1885' stamped into syringe mount.
993.175.1: Syringe, SetSyringe, Set, 1910-1950 Aluminium case with hinged lid and manufacturer's name and address stamped on the base; containing a syringe with a top cap, finger rest and 1.5cc graduated piston rod, 2 needles [both screw into case], 3 glass tabloid vials; ' HYPODERMATIC TABLETS No.2. Apomorphine hydrochl. 1-10 gr. [empty], ' HYPODERMATIC TABLETS No.5. Cocaine hydrochlorate, 1-4 gr. [with cork stopper, empty], corked vial containing one tablet, no label. The case is held in a leather draw string pouch. Information sheet on syringe and hypodermic tablets.
2011.30.1: Syringe, TuberculinSyringe, Tuberculin, 1970-1998 1cc graduated all glass tuberculin syringe, with Luer slip tip, in box. No. 2004, catalogue No. 1 YT. Syringe dimensions given.
2011.36.1: Syringe, VaccineSyringe, Vaccine, 1960-1998 Squared graduated [1-6] glass syringe barrel with eccentric tip and metal piston rod. 'Gouttes' [drops], 'INAVA' and 'Made in France' etched into surface.
995.1.1: Table, ExaminationTable, Examination, 1910 Adjustable oak examination cabinet table on casters with three double sided drawers lined with glass and a through cupboard with a door either side of the table; each door holds two glass trays on outward swinging racks and a white enamel tray on a shelf. Two-piece top which can be tilted side to side with a foot pedal. The head rest adjusts to three positions with a release lever on the sides. The foot/shin rest has two positions; down or horizontal with the table top.The base of the white enamel trays are spray painted with a logo 'HYGIENIC AUSTRIA'. The manufacture's details are in...