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993.1378.1: SterilizerSterilizer, 1921-1960 Small, portable, rectangular, electrical instrument boiler with a perforated inner tray which is elevated by lifting the lid. The instrument has insulated legs and handle, and a rubber-covered connecting cord, a plug and a 'SNAPIT' on/off switch. 'Empire' is etched into the front panel. A plate attached to the back of the sterilizer gives the following manufacturer's and instrument details: 'SURGICAL SUPPLIES (CANADA) LTD., MANUFACTURERS.TORONTO' and 'CAT. No. 942, SERIAL NO. S234, C.E.S.A. APP. NO. 6187'.
995.4.7: SterilizerSterilizer, 1930-1941 Small heating sterilizer with an electrical heating element in the base. Two aperture covers are situated on the lid and can be pivoted to one side by a pin handle to accommodate a test tube. A removable perforated tray hangs on hooks attached to the inside of the lid. On the underside, in relief, is 'AMERICAN SUNDRIES Co BROOKLYN. N.Y. PATENTS PENDING'. Incomplete, the electrical connecting lead, a pin handle from one of the aperture covers and a rubber pad from one of the legs are missing.
2005.19.1: Sterilizer, InstrumentSterilizer, Instrument, 1931-1970 Sterilization dish with hinged support stands and a handle at both ends, containing a perforated draining tray with folding handles. Incomplete, lid missing.
993.888.1: Sterilizing TraySterilizing Tray, 1901-1950 Part of a surgical set, military pattern, with sterilizable tray(s) of instruments. Inner frame lifts out and consists of four lidded containers situated along two sides and an instrument rack with three supports and two securing bands. 'WEISS LONDON BRITISH MADE' stamped into surfaces.
995.2.12: SteritubeSteritube, 1941-1990 Chromium plated cylinder narrowing toward bottom. Wide ridge at mouth onto which fits a black rubber cap with 'B-D' in relief on top. Designed to hermetically seal a previously sterilized syringe with needle attached.
999.3.103: Stethophone, Marsh'sStethophone, Marsh's, c. 1895 A hinged case containing a stethophone: a diaphragm type chest piece engraved with ' MARSH'S STETHOPHONE PAT APP' and a wooden extension tube which screws into the diaphragm of the chest piece. Binaural unit and double outlet attachment missing. Case dimensions given.
993.88.1: Stethoscope, BinauralStethoscope, Binaural, c. 1900 Early binaural stethoscope with metal chest piece, rubber tubes and vulcanised rubber ear pieces.
995.2.7: Stethoscope, BinauralStethoscope, Binaural, 20th Cent. Binaural stethoscope, consists of plain unit with hard black rubber ear tips and two broken lengths of black rubber tubing attached. Bell chest piece with screw-on hard rubber cone end, single outlet with black rubber tube with metal insert attached. 'B-D' stamped into top of bell chest piece. Initials SM? are scratched onto the 'Y' connecter insert attached to the single tube. 'Y' connecter missing.
993.1180.1: Stethoscope, BinauralStethoscope, Binaural, 1971-2000 'Riester' binaural unit, plain with hard black rubber ear tips, black rubber tubes, 'PROPPER' diaphragm type chest piece with single outlet. Tape on side of crux "Arnott" [name of owner] in red ink.
995.2.6: Stethoscope, BinauralStethoscope, Binaural, 1945-1994 Complete binaural stethoscope consists of chrome plated plain unit with hard black rubber ear tips, 'Y' piece, amber coloured rubber tubing and diaphragm type chest piece, single outlet. "CHIRURG GERMANY' and company logo stamped into chest piece.
993.224.1: Stethoscope, BinauralStethoscope, Binaural, 1911-1960 Folding binaural unit [RegD. No. 574187], white plastic ear tips and bell type chest piece, single outlet. Broken into 2 sections.'ALLEN&HANBURYS LONDON' stamped into surface.
993.444.1: Stethoscope, BraceletStethoscope, Bracelet, 1905-1940 A blood pressure bracelet stethoscope consisting of a hard rubber diaphragm with a cover and a double outlet fixed to an adjustable metallic band for the arm; plus a red rubber tube in an unlined wooden case. A printed label on the case’s inner lid reads ' BRACELET STETHOSCOPE A BLOOD PRESSURE STETHOSCOPE BOWLES PATENT MADE BY G. P. PILLING & SON CO. PHILADELPHIA U.S.A.' a second small round printed label adhering to this reads ' THE J.F.HARTZ CO. LIMITED TORONTO'. Remains of a label adhering to box base. Incomplete. Case dimensions given.
993.1143.1: Stethoscope, FoetalStethoscope, Foetal, 1951-2000 Aluminium single stethoscope for foetal heart with screw-off concave ear plate. 'ALMEDIC GERMANY' stamped into surface.
2011.8.1: Stethoscope, MonauralStethoscope, Monaural, 1960-1998 PINARD's one piece monaural fetal stethoscope. Flaring deep bell with a rubber collar and a wide concave earplate.
995.4.75: Stethoscope, MonauralStethoscope, Monaural, 1910-1940 Portable wooden monaural stethoscope consisting of a long conical stem with chest bell at one end; screwed upright into a concave ear plate. The stem can be inserted through the ear piece for easy portability.