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993.648.1: Splint, CollesSplint, Colles, 1908-1950 WALKER's splint, for Colles' fracture, left arm. Size '3L' and ''WALKER PAT AUG.9.08' stamped into surface.
993.276.1: Splint, CollesSplint, Colles, 1901-1950 Colles adult wrist splint for left arm, size '1L' cut into surface.
993.1299.1: Splint, JonesSplint, Jones, c. 1950 JONES humerus splint [adult], plated steel frame with two vertical struts with a swing arm on each and a fitted padded leather underarm rest. The splint is interchangeable for either left or right arm. Manufacturer's details 'ZIMMER MFG.CO.WARSAW.IND' stamped into frame.
2006.228.1: Splint, LegSplint, Leg, 1946-1995 Long opaque plastic leg splint with metal studs, to be attached to cradle frame. Cradle, foot rest and straps missing.
993.653.1: Splint, WristSplint, Wrist, 20th Cent. CARR splint for right arm.
993.652.1: Splint, WristSplint, Wrist, 20th Cent. CARR splint for right arm. 'V.G.H.' [Vancouver General Hospital] stamped several times into surface.
993.651.1: Splint, WristSplint, Wrist, 20th Cent. CARR splint for left arm. Probably home-made.
993.650.1: Splint, WristSplint, Wrist, 20th Cent. CARR splint for left arm. Probably home-made.
993.1267.1: Sponge HolderSponge Holder, 1901-1950 Sponge holder, straight with flat handle and 3 prong tip with sliding safety catch.
993.39.1: Spring LancetSpring Lancet, 19th Cent. Weiss's Patent Phleme model spring lancet in case with an extra blade, for veterinary use. The wooden case is covered with burgundy coloured leather with a textiled covered base. The case is lined with velvet and there is a clip to hold the spare blade in place. The spring lancet has blued steel and brass trim and a cross hatch ebony grip handle with 'WEISS. LONDON.' in relief.
993.17.1: Spring LancetSpring Lancet, 1855-1900 Domed end oblique release spring lancet in brown leather/paper covered wooden case. The release lever is a short bar across the top. Stamped with manufacturer's name 'Tiemann & Co.' on the back panel and number '39' stamped on inner surface. The top of the case drops down to reveal a space for 4 blades which are missing. Label on inner lid is missing.
2006.213.1: Sputum VialSputum Vial, 1950-1991 A box containing an unused sputum sample vial to test for tuberculosis with an adhesive backed information label for the vial, Form L10. and a 'REQUISITION FORM L.69 FOR EXAMINATION FOR M. TUBERCULOSIS' Box dimensions given.
2006.386.1: Staining DishStaining Dish, 1941-1960 Rectangular staining dish for slides. The complete unit would consist of dish, dish cover/lid, removable glass tray with grooves to hold the slides and a detachable handle.
993.248.1: Standard ExoleverStandard Exolever, 1941-1970 A labeled lidded box containing a 'Standard Exolever DESIGNED BY George B. Winter' number 123. Box dimensions given.
995.2.15: Stapler, Skin, DisposableStapler, Skin, Disposable, 1984 Sterilized grey plastic disposable skin stapler 'containing 10 stainless steel arcuate staples (5.5mm x 4.2mm)' in yellow molded plastic container with paper sealed backing. Printed on backing is product info 'Precise® Ten-Shot™ Disposable Skin Stapler', 'Cat. No. DS-10R', contents and manufacturer's details. 'Aug 84 29 Sterilized Lot 84H10 AUT 640' printed on top front.