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993.665.1: Skeletal Left Foot Skeletal Left Foot , 20th Cent. Skeletal left foot. Bones held together with wire, metal springs and elasticated cord.
2006.465.1: Skeletal Model, Foot and AnkleSkeletal Model, Foot and Ankle, 20th Cent. Skeletal model of a foot with removable lower section of connecting tibia and fibula.
2006.466.1: Skeletal Model, Right HandSkeletal Model, Right Hand, 1970-1985 Skeletal model of a right hand and wrist slotted into base stand. 'Tandearil®' and 'Geigy' printed on surface of base [Tandearil® was an anti-inflammatory drug used to treat arthritis and bursitis marketed by Ciba-Geigy, withdrawn from International market July 1985].
993.664.1: Skeletal Right Foot Skeletal Right Foot , 20th Cent. Skeletal right foot. Bones held together with wire, metal springs and elasticated cord.
995.4.16: Skin Section ModelSkin Section Model, 1900-1940 Painted numbered teaching model [plaster over wooden core] of magnified cross section of skin - sweat gland flanked by 2 hair follicles. 3 tiers connected with side hinges on wooden base. Removable skin section in middle tier dermis to expose vessels. Round metal disc with manufacturers name and address nailed onto base.
993.624.1: Slide ProjectorSlide Projector, 1943-1945 Cased Model D Delineascope, serial no. 86873., with electrical cable and spare boxed lamp. The apparatus is fixed onto a stand with corner rubber supports. The lamp box consists of a hinged casing, a 500Watt 120 volt clear lamp, reflector concave mirrored disc and two condensing lenses. The bellows with telescopic lens [projection objective] can be moved towards and from the slide holder by means of supporting slide rods. For 3 " x 4" glass slide projection. Glass slide holder attachment and lens cap missing. Fully extended projector dimensions given.
995.4.139: Slide ViewerSlide Viewer, 1901-1950 Electrical glass slide viewer. Solid stand with movable light source and lens, and mirror housing. The insitu lens casing can be adjusted by a lever, whereas the screw-in lens can be removed. The rectangular mirror can be removed and has a cover. The slide is held in an upright stage with 2 stage clips either side. The power unit consists of coils within a perforated cylinder housing with 2 electrical cords. 1 leading to the lamp source with 'BRYANT 660W 250V MADE IN U.S.A.' engraved into the lamp holder and a 'GE' lamp screwed in place. The second lead, with a plug, is attached to 2...
993.927.1: Slit Lamp MicroscopeSlit Lamp Microscope, 1930-1950 A slit lamp and microscope on a semi-circular shaped glass-topped table with three legs. The lamp housing is attached to the table frame on an adjustable upright column and is mounted on a jointed swivel-arm, and supported on a long arm. Along the arm next to the lamp housing is a diaphragm-tube to cut off redundant light and has a fitting to hold colour-filters. At the far end of the arm is a focusing lens in a frame, which can be racked horizontally to and fro and vertically up and down by means of a screw/fitting underneath. A chin/forehead frame unit with a tilting mechanism and white...
993.1184.1: Snare WiresSnare Wires Envelope containing 11 staple shaped wires. Printed on envelope " 1 doz. #3722, CUT SNARE WIRES, gauge 6, F. Dittmar & Co., Inc. Phila..U.S.A." One wire missing.
993.1172.1: Snare, TonsilSnare, Tonsil, 1901-1950 EVE tonsil snare without ratchet, with 2 finger rings attached to shaft and thumb ring at the top. Snare wire not attached. 'KNY-SCHEERER GERMANY', and 'R5' stamped into thumb ring and trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown] is stamped into finger ring attachment.
993.301.1: Snow Goggles, InuitSnow Goggles, Inuit Wooden goggles with narrow eye slits and cord threaded through two holes each side and tied off. The curved wooden eye shield fits the contours of the face with a large groove cut in the back to allow for the nose. The area behind each eye slit is hollowed out to prevent eye contact and blackened for glare reduction. The goggles were held in place by a cord made of sinew. Goggle dimension given.
993.1296.1: Socket Current TransformerSocket Current Transformer, 1901-1930 Portable socket current transformer consisting of a perforated metal cylindrical housing with Bakelite ends; at one end is a fitting with an on off switch and two fabric covered electrical wires with plug outlet which fits a standard electrical socket; the other end has two round adjustment knobs; two pairs of binding posts are attached to the sides of the housing, cautery and diagnostic lamp may be used simultaneously. '110 VOLT ALT. 60 CYCLE UP PATENTED' and manufacturer's details 'E.S.I. CO. ROCHESTER.N.Y. U.S.A.' are stamped into the surface. Incomplete, one of the binding posts and a...
2006.154.1: SoundSound, 1901-1950 CLUTTON\'s lithotrity sound with curved bulbous end and cylindrical fluted handle with grip grooves, English gauge no 6. Manufacturer\'s name \'DOWN BROS LONDON\' stamped into the handle\'s surface.
993.297.1: SpectaclesSpectacles, 19th Cent. Hand-carved oriental spectacles, horn frame with open-work decorative carved bridge, double hinged side arms with open-work carved ring ends, round eyes. Incomplete, lens missing.
993.352.1: Spectacles & CaseSpectacles & Case, 1850-1910 Steel wire spectacles frame, oval eyes with corrective lenses, 'scroll' bridge, straight side arms. Contained within a green leather-covered frog-mouth case, velvet lined. Makers name 'NEGRETTI&ZAMBRA LONDON' and crown printed in gold lettering on case. Case dimensions given.