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993.1299.1: Splint, JonesSplint, Jones, c. 1950 JONES humerus splint [adult], plated steel frame with two vertical struts with a swing arm on each and a fitted padded leather underarm rest. The splint is interchangeable for either left or right arm. Manufacturer's details 'ZIMMER MFG.CO.WARSAW.IND' stamped into frame.
2006.228.1: Splint, LegSplint, Leg, 1946-1995 Long opaque plastic leg splint with metal studs, to be attached to cradle frame. Cradle, foot rest and straps missing.
993.653.1: Splint, WristSplint, Wrist, 20th Cent. CARR splint for right arm.
993.652.1: Splint, WristSplint, Wrist, 20th Cent. CARR splint for right arm. 'V.G.H.' [Vancouver General Hospital] stamped several times into surface.
993.651.1: Splint, WristSplint, Wrist, 20th Cent. CARR splint for left arm. Probably home-made.
993.650.1: Splint, WristSplint, Wrist, 20th Cent. CARR splint for left arm. Probably home-made.
993.1267.1: Sponge HolderSponge Holder, 1901-1950 Sponge holder, straight with flat handle and 3 prong tip with sliding safety catch.
993.39.1: Spring LancetSpring Lancet, 19th Cent. Weiss's Patent Phleme model spring lancet in case with an extra blade, for veterinary use. The wooden case is covered with burgundy coloured leather with a textiled covered base. The case is lined with velvet and there is a clip to hold the spare blade in place. The spring lancet has blued steel and brass trim and a cross hatch ebony grip handle with 'WEISS. LONDON.' in relief.
993.17.1: Spring LancetSpring Lancet, 1855-1900 Domed end oblique release spring lancet in brown leather/paper covered wooden case. The release lever is a short bar across the top. Stamped with manufacturer's name 'Tiemann & Co.' on the back panel and number '39' stamped on inner surface. The top of the case drops down to reveal a space for 4 blades which are missing. Label on inner lid is missing.
2006.386.1: Staining DishStaining Dish, 1941-1960 Rectangular staining dish for slides. The complete unit would consist of dish, dish cover/lid, removable glass tray with grooves to hold the slides and a detachable handle.
993.248.1: Standard ExoleverStandard Exolever, 1941-1970 A labeled lidded box containing a 'Standard Exolever DESIGNED BY George B. Winter' number 123. Box dimensions given.
995.2.15: Stapler, Skin, DisposableStapler, Skin, Disposable, 1984 Sterilized grey plastic disposable skin stapler 'containing 10 stainless steel arcuate staples (5.5mm x 4.2mm)' in yellow molded plastic container with paper sealed backing. Printed on backing is product info 'Precise® Ten-Shot™ Disposable Skin Stapler', 'Cat. No. DS-10R', contents and manufacturer's details. 'Aug 84 29 Sterilized Lot 84H10 AUT 640' printed on top front.
993.1168.1: Stem PessaryStem Pessary, c. 1930 Stem pessary. Contraception device. 'Wishbone' form - 2 prongs brought together for insertion into the cervix and then released to protrude inside the uterus. Intended to be removed, cleaned and replaced after each period. 'SKLAR GERMANY' & 'M' stamped into base.
995.4.40: StereoscopeStereoscope, c. 1900 Stereoscope [viewer for stereoscopic plates] with decorative pattern on view-finder fastened onto a wooden base bar. The plates are held in place by wire fastenings at either end of the cross bar which can slide up and down the base bar. A wooden handle is attached to the underside of the base bar and can be folded down. A circular embossed crest on the view-finder depicts two figures, one with wings, and the words 'EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE INTERNATIONALE 1900' around the parameter [The Exposition Universelle of 1900 was a world's fair held in Paris, France, to celebrate the achievements of...
995.4.66: Stereoscopic ImagesStereoscopic Images, c. 1910 Series of 132 coloured stereoscopic images, illustrating various skin diseases. Detailed text on disease, diagnosis and treatment on reverse of each card. Printed on front of each card is skin disease type and 'COPYRIGHT 1910 DR S. I. RAINFORTH N.Y.' [photographer]. Originally held in narrow red cloth covered box [one panel remains], label reads 'The STEREOSCOPIC SKIN CLINIC RAINFORTH NEW YORK MEDICAL ART PUBLISHING'. Designed for the use of practitioners and students of medicine. Card number 117 missing.