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999.3.24: Schimmelbusch's MaskSchimmelbusch's Mask, 20th Cent. SCHIMMELBUSCH open-drop mask with hinged frame for holding lint or gauze onto which agents such as ether or chloroform were applied.
2006.547.1: ScissorsScissors Scissors with probe-ended blade for ducts, post-mortem instrument.
993.1155.1: Scissors, BandageScissors, Bandage, 1944-1993 LISTER bandage scissors. 'TRUDELL', 'GERMANY' and trademark stamped into handle.
2006.120.1: ScoopScoop Solid forged pewter scoop with handle.
2006.119.1: ScoopScoop, 20th Cent. Metal scoop with painted wooden handle. 'WAGNERWARE' stamped into side of scoop and '1' into base.
2006.121.1: ScoopScoop Solid forged aluminium scoop with handle. 'GT.BRITAIN' embossed on handle.
993.1328.1: Scoop, ChalazionScoop, Chalazion, 20th Cent. Meibomian cyst scoop, single, round with loop handle. 'E.Haran' stamped into handle.
993.762.1: Scoop, Gall StoneScoop, Gall Stone, 1901-1940 MOORE\'s gall bladder scoop with rectangular handle. Manufacturer\'s name \'SHARP & SMITH\' is stamped into the surface.
2013.11.1: Shaman's RattleShaman's Rattle, c. 1900 Shaman's rattle made of whalebone/sheep horn bent with edges perforated and held together with cord and containing buckshot. Purple and a green binding are wrapped around the handle area cushioned with organic material.
2013.18.1: Shaman's StaffShaman's Staff, c. 1935 Carved cedar ceremonial Shaman's staff consisting of a rounded loop handle and a long thin slat. Along the length of the staff is a carving of a canoe and sea snake. A nail has been used to hold the head of the sea snake in place. ‘1935’ is carved into the back surface of the staff.
993.1178.1: Shears, PlasterShears, Plaster, 20th Cent. STILLE plaster shears for 2 hands. Bulb handles, lower blade fits into upper casing formed by two narrow edges joined to make rectangle. 'TRUDELL CHROME' and 'MADEINGERMANY' stamped into handle shaft.
993.1177.1: Shears, PlasterShears, Plaster STILLE's plaster shears for 2 hands. Bulb handles, lower ridged blade fits into upper casing, formed by two narrow edges joined to make rectangle. 'SKLARCHROMEUSA' stamped into handle shaft, '36' stamped into lower blade and '36 S' at opening of hinge. Bolt missing.
998.9.12: SigmoidoscopeSigmoidoscope, 1941-1960 A rectal speculum consisting of a cylindrical outer tube with an attachment for a light fitting and an obturator with a tapered tip. The outer tube is calibrated in inches [1-8] along the underside surface. Manufacturer's name 'MILLER SURGICAL' stamped into outer tube surface.
2005.23.1: Sigmoidoscope SetSigmoidoscope Set, c. 1957 Sigmoidoscope set in case. Consisting of 30cm and 25cm sigmoidoscopes, inflating bulb, power unit, optic eye piece with lamp, transilluminator cord with 2 separate cord tips and lamp in socket connection and 3 spare lamps. A small metal plaque with manufacturer's details is pined to inner lid surface. There is Elastoplast tape with owners name written in ink on lid top and front edge. The outer tubes of the sigmoidoscopes are calibrated in centimeters and the obturator tips are tapered. 'MADE IN ENGLAND ALLEN & HANBURY'S LTD' is stamped into the outer tube of the larger sigmoidoscope and...
993.917.1: Silicone SheetSilicone Sheet, 1964-1977 A sterile tube containing a silicone gel sheet, 'STERILIZED READY FOR IMMEDIATE USE', sealed in a plastic bag. Information label and company label attached to the inside of the bag. 'Koken D.M.P.S. No. 1 KOKEN CO.,LTD. 1-462 SHIMOOCHIAI, SHINJUKU KU, TOKYO' printed on the company label. Tube dimensions given.