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993.146.1: Spectacles & CaseSpectacles & Case, c. 1900 Sterling silver frame, oval lenses. Steel case with textile lining.
993.344.1: Spectacles, ScissorSpectacles, Scissor, 19th Cent. Silver framed scissor spectacles with round corrective lenses and curving stems joined by a central pivot. Suspension ring set to side of pivot. 'ROG DOU BLR' stamped into surface. Closed spectacles dimensions given.
993.330.1: Spectacles, ScissorSpectacles, Scissor, 19th Cent. Folding scissor spectacles unsprung, tortoiseshell frame with folding two part bridge joined by central pivot. Round corrective lenses. Ring handle with fixing catch attached and fixing stop located on second lens frame. Dimensions given are for folded scissor spectacles.
993.316.1: Spectacles, SunglassesSpectacles, Sunglasses, 19th Cent. Sunglasses with oval blue tinted lenses [non-corrective] and blued steel wire frame with a K-bridge and thin straight side arms with spatula-shaped ends.
2006.130.1: Specula, RectalSpecula, Rectal, 1901-1930 SIM rectal specula with set screw and wire blades. Adult size, blades 8.2 x 2.3 cm [3¼ x ⅞ inches]. Manufacturer's trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown] stamped into handle.
993.682.1: Speculum, AnalSpeculum, Anal, 20th Cent. Speculum consisting of a holder/guide with an opening along its length, long loop handle and an obturator with a rounded end and handle, for anal examination.'CHROME' stamped into obturator.
993.1329.1: Speculum, EyeSpeculum, Eye, 1901-1950 CASTROVIEJO eye speculum. Oval thumb and finger plate each side for width control. 'GERMANY' stamped into surface.
993.1323.1: Speculum, EyeSpeculum, Eye, 1901-1950 BEARD eye speculum, 2 sides with fenestrated spoons and central spring mechanism.
993.435.1: Speculum, RectalSpeculum, Rectal, 20th Cent. Rectal speculum with hard rubber obturator. 'Penn CHROMED' stamped into handle.
2011.4.1: Speculum, RectalSpeculum, Rectal, 1961-1998 SIM's rectal speculum with set screw, fenestrated blades and crosshatch grip handles. 'Stevens', 'GERMANY' and 'CHROME' stamped into handles.
2011.3.1: Speculum, RectalSpeculum, Rectal, 1961-1998 BRINCKERHOFF's rectal speculum, two parts. Manufacturer 'E.S.I.CO.ROCH.N.Y.' stamped into surface.
998.9.14: Speculum, RectalSpeculum, Rectal, 1950-1980 BRINKERHOFF type rectal speculum. Detachable sliding blade exposing lateral slit which extends it whole length.
993.1142.1: Speculum, RectalSpeculum, Rectal, 1951-2000 Rectal speculum with hard rubber obturator. Trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown] stamped into handle.
993.1141.1: Speculum, VaginalSpeculum, Vaginal, 20th Cent. DEVILBIS [MILLER] vaginal speculum, parallel opening, one shorter blade, size '2' stamped into handle. Manufacturer's trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown], 'GERMANY' and suppliers name 'W.E. Saunders & Co.' stamped into handle.
995.2.3: Speculum, VaginalSpeculum, Vaginal, 1901-1950 Vaginal speculum, medium size 4 x 1¼" blade. Division at back of upper blade. Spur shaped piece attached with 'PAT.JUN.17.90' stamped into surface and '114' stamped into both blade handles. Blades attached with screw, with another screw adjustment on right hand side.