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993.1116.1: Aspirator KitAspirator Kit, 1860-1905 Aspirator consisting of a metal barrel and metal piston, with two needles, a two way stopcock and tubing, in a mahogany case. On the barrel surface is an armorial plaque bearing a coat of arms with 'DAKIN BROs CREECHURCHLANE LONDON' in relief below. Two lengths of tube are connected by glass tubing, through which to observe the presence or absence of fluid, with a male and female hose end adapter at either end. Case dimensions given.
2006.172.1: Aspirator SetAspirator Set, 1941-1970 Cased Potain type aspirator set, consisting of an all-metal syringe barrel and piston, a double tip attachment for inward and outward flow [directed by arrows], a bottle mount with two stopcocks incorporating female and male Luer-Lok stoppers, four needles with cannulae, two rubber tubes with end hub connectors [each tube now broken into two parts], a rod and two curved wires [stilettes]. Case dimensions given.
2006.97.1: Aspirator/Injection Syringe, CasedAspirator/Injection Syringe, Cased, 1950-1970 Cased aspirator/injection syringe set consisting of a lidded case with a lift-out rack; a 20 cc graduated \'Record\' syringe with metal plunger and tapered tip; seven sharp pointed needles with cannula wires, all have \'A.L.H\' and \'SS\' stamped into the hub surface; a three-way stopcock [to use syringe as aspirator]; a section of rubber tubing with slip-on hub inserted, held in place by a thin cord; 4 tubes of hypodermic tablets: Morphine Sulphate ¼ grain, Atropine Sulphate, Morphine & Atropine and Strychnine. Syringe\'s manufacturer logo, three arrows, stamped into the barrel....
2006.68.13: AtaraxAtarax, 1968-1977 10ml vial of liquid Atarax [hydroxyzine hydrochloride 50mg per ml] an antihistamine. Lot no. 302 27041, expiry date 6/78.
2009.49.2: Atlas of Macular Diseases Stereo ReelAtlas of Macular Diseases Stereo Reel, 1955-1975 View-Master 'Stereo Reel', reel no. 19, 'ATLAS OF MACULAR DISEASES' stereoscopic images, second edition. The disk holds 14 film slides [seven pairs]; two film slides are viewed simultaneously, producing 3-D images. Each 3-D image illustrates a different medical eye problem: 1. Spontaneous separation of epiretinal membrane 2. Epiretinal membrane, pigmented 3. Serous detachment of macula, optic pit 4. Serous detachment of macula, macular hole, optic pit 5. Optic disc drusen, macular detachment 6. Idiopathic stellate maculopathy 7. Peripapillary staphyloma.
2006.379.1: Atropine Sulphate Ointment in BoxAtropine Sulphate Ointment in Box, 1941-1960 ⅛ ounce tube of 'OPTHYL No.1 Ophthalmic Ointment ATROPINE SULPHATE 1% Anesthetic Opthyl Base' in 2 part box. Lot No. 6223. Manufactured by Charles R. Will & Co. Limited, 'C R W' stamped into bottom of tube.
993.25.1: AuriscopeAuriscope, 1871-1930 Brunton's style boxed auriscope with three interchangeable specula. Plane mirror with hole in centre.
995.2.9: Auriscope Kit in CaseAuriscope Kit in Case, 1960-1990 Black leather case with purple velvet and silk lining containing 3 round specula, 4mm, 6mm and 1 squashed into oval shape, an auriscope with magnified eyepiece [lens in hardened rubber casing] & internal lamp with socket for electrical plug, a jointed instrument holder with clamp, a pen shaped light source with socket for electrical plug and a mirror with handle. A purple ribbon attached to lid lining has manufacturer's details 'American Endoscopic Co. PROVIDENCE RHODE ISLAND' in gold print. 'A.E.Co.' has been stamped into mirror casing. The instrument holder has 'PAT APLD. FOR' stamped...
993.1167.1: Automatic Blood LancetAutomatic Blood Lancet, c. 1959 Three part automatic blood lancet with bell tip. The blade is adjustable and is regulated by the length of the plunger withdrawal. Coil spring. Blade set into handle with a locking device. 'ADAMS GERMANY' stamped into surface.
995.4.11: Bacterial Vaccines in CaseBacterial Vaccines in Case, c. 1937 Folded case held closed by popper, inside are 4 bottles with rubber stoppers containing 12½ cc bacterial vaccine for Gonococcus, Influenza, Acne and Stapphylococcus. A metal pocket syringe holder with pocket clip attached; 'American' stamped into clip surface and 'SHERMANS BACTERINS DETROIT' stamped into lid base. A rectangular cube of blue-grey sharpening stone [pumice] with 'Sherman Vaccines' printed on surface in red, in a holder, and a sheet of directions to its use. The labels on the bacterial vaccine bottles have the expiry date: month, day and year, quantity held in the bottle...
999.3.96: Bandage, Plaster of ParisBandage, Plaster of Paris, 1945-1960 A box of 6 cylinder tins each containing 3 inch x 5 yards plaster of Paris bandage. Each tin has a push-on lid sealed with white textile tape and a pale blue label giving direction of use; 'Immerse bandage on end in water just warm to the hand (a gallon is a convenient quantity and allow to remain until all bubbles cease to rise. This takes about 30 seconds. After saturation squeeze out excess water from the ends towards the centre and apply as quickly as possible. See full directions inside. KEEP DRY'. Box dimensions given.
999.3.97: Bandages, Plaster of ParisBandages, Plaster of Paris, 1936-1960 A box of one dozen sealed round tins each containing 'Gypsona'™ Plaster of Paris bandage [6 inches x 3 yards, 15.24cm x 2.74cm]. Order no. 5006. 'These bandages are prepared with a uniform content of the finest Plaster of Paris. They are quick-setting, odourless and non-irritating to the skin'. Content description printed on the box and the tins in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Box dimensions given.
993.1373.1: Beam Balance Scale SetBeam Balance Scale Set, 1801-1850 Portable boxed apothecary scales and weights. The case includes a draw with a flower shaped handle. The contents of the case include: a two piece stand consisting of the main shaft, with an elevating lever, which screws into a brass plate on the lid of the case and the upper shaft and cross beam which screws into the main shaft, the upper shaft is attached to the elevating lever by means of a cord, and to the balance beam [both now missing]; part of a green cord [probably from a weighing pan]; twenty seven weights including scruples, drachms and grain weights. A printed manufacturer's...
999.5.1: Bed BathBed Bath, 1930-1950 Large rectangular, white enameled ware tray, partially covered, with black trim around rim of opened area.
999.7.1: BedpanBedpan, 20th Cent. Ceramic 'slipper' type bedpan, glazed. Curved spout extends from rounded end.