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2006.171.1: Respiration MonitorRespiration Monitor, 1975-1990 Apnea monitor/respiration monitor, \'Model RE 134, Serial No. 1235\' with breathometer showing breaths per minute with an inbuilt alarm system. At the back of the monitor is a switch to delay the alarm, an electrical cable with plug and a connection for the detachable force responsive transducer/sensor pad \'SENSOR FOR E.M.I. RE-134 APNEA/RESPIRATION MONITOR\'. The transducer has movable plates and is constructed from alternate layers of conductive and non-conductive materials that are flexible so that when placed beneath a patient or a resilient patient support, such as a mattress, it is...
993.122.1: Retinoscope, Folding in CaseRetinoscope, Folding in Case, 1890-1930 Folding retinoscope with lenses in an embossed lined leather case. The retinoscope consists of a set of 2 mirrors, plane and concave, held facing each other in flat frames which rotate through the same axis about a central hinge. Attached to one side of the frame is a holder for interchangeable lenses. The case also contains 4 small inset lenses of varying thicknesses and a hand held perforated biconvex indirect lens [magnifier]. The case is lined with purple textile and elastic holders [now faded]. Dimension given are for closed case.
998.1.16: RetractorRetractor, 1941-1970 MAYO-ADAMS self-retaining retractor for appendectomy. Two blades [1½" length x ⅝" width] each with two prongs, ratchet lock, finger ring handles. 'THE J.F.HARTZ Co.' and manufacturer’s insignia [serpent entwined around a staff with crown] (Rod of Asclepius) stamped into the surface. Number '3' is stamped into the inner surfaces of both arms directly below the hinge.
2006.602.1: Retractor, AnalRetractor, Anal, 20th Cent. SMITH-BUIE's self-retaining anal retractor. 'SKLAR-CHROME' and "MADE IN U.S.A.' stamped into side handles, '25' stamped into both blades and top of handles. Incomplete.
993.1327.1: Retractor, Eye LidRetractor, Eye Lid, 1901-1950 DESMARRES eye lid retractor [size 1] with solid blade.
993.1281.1: RevigatorRevigator, c. 1920 Radium Ore Revigator. Ceramic jar with cork stoppered hole for tap [missing] lined with uranium and radium ore. Details of manufacturer, description and instructions of use printed on surface under glaze. Directions given on side of jar - '1. Fill jar every night 2. Use hydrant or any good water 3. Drink freely when thirsty and upon arising and retiring. Average six or more glasses daily. Scrub with stiff brush and scald monthly'. Lid missing.
2006.517.1: Rongeur, BoneRongeur, Bone, 20th Cent. Bone rongeur forceps with curved jaws. Spring handle mechanism missing.
993.538.1: Rongeur, BoneRongeur, Bone, 20th Cent. Bone rongeur forceps with slightly curved jaws. 'V.H.T.' and 'S.R.' stamped into surface.
2006.570.1: Rongeur, CranialRongeur, Cranial, 1941-1990 'Devilbiss' skull cutter with spring, serrated grip handles and a short bite blade. 'DEVILBISS' stamped into surface.
2006.1.1: Saccharimeter, HandSaccharimeter, Hand, 1901-1930 A hand saccharimeter with a graduated circle sector ranging from +20 to -20 degrees in a fitted case. The instrument consists of a tube and hinged tube mount with an analyser containing a polariser and a double quartz plate with diaphragm. A telescopic lens fits into the hinge mount end of the tube and a rotating glass mirror fits into the other end. An observation tube, with two screw caps either end, is placed with the sample, into the tube. On the smaller graduated sector \'WINKEL GÖTTINGEN Nr. 7005\' is printed in gold lettering. A leaflet is included with directions of use. Case...
998.1.28: Safety ValveSafety Valve, 1941-1980 Long narrow tube with two valve attachments and stopcock control on horizontal attachment at top. Large rubber stopper on tube connected to horizontal top piece by rubber tube. For use with Chloroform/Oxygen or Chloroform/Oxygen/Ether systems. Safety valve and control stopcock for controlling levels of above gases.
993.924.1: Sanborn MetabulatorSanborn Metabulator, c. 1960 A Sanborn metabulator, model 10, volts 115, cycles 60, amps 0.5. with an inbuilt recording compartment with paper roll to print paper chart; a barometer and thermometer dial; a carbon dioxide absorption chamber and an oxygen gas cylinder [B.P. Oxygen]. Serial number 8092. The metabulator is on wheels. A drawer facing towards the front contains a Sanborn metabulator scale set [used in-conjunction with a oxygen per min. & vital cap. scale]'; nose clamp; four rubber mouth pieces, two wrapped in gauze; spanner/handle; two foam cushions; note book with patient details. Also an instruction...
993.1337.1: Sanborn MetabulatorSanborn Metabulator, c. 1950 A Sanborn Metabulator, model 10, serial number 1845, volts 115, cycles 60, amps 0.5 with an inbuilt recording compartment with paper roll to print paper chart, a barometer and thermometer dial, a carbon dioxide absorption chamber filled with soda lime granules and an oxygen gas cylinder B.P. Oxygen. The metabulator is on casters making it easily portable, with a protective hood cover. A right-hand side door opens to reveal the oxygen tank and a storage area which contains a scoop tool, a jar holder and a lever tool. An engraved metal plaque attached to the metabulator reads MADE FOR S....
993.252.1: Saw, AmputationSaw, Amputation, 1900-1945 Amputation saw with metal handle, wide blade [9inch] and hinged back to aid blade removal. The handle is shaped for comfortable use and improved grip. 'DOWNBROSLONDON' stamped into handle.
993.253.1: Saw, AmputationSaw, Amputation, 1826-1837 Amputation bone saw with pressed-horn handle embossed with the Royal Arms [crown surrounded by the monarch's emblems of the lion and unicorn] and 'Razor Makers to His Majesty' on one side and 'J. WEISS LONDON No. 62 STRAND' on other. Fine tooth with deep slit serrations to prevent bone and tissue clogging the blade.