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993.753.1: Pipe, RectalPipe, Rectal, 20th Cent. Straight rectal pipe, adult, with three small circular holes around and one at the probe end.
993.752.1: Pipe, RectalPipe, Rectal, 20th Cent. Straight rectal pipe, adult, with four small circular holes around the probe end.
995.4.125: Pipe, RectalPipe, Rectal, 1911-1960 Straight rectal pipe, infant, with one circular hole at the probe end.
993.758.1: Pipe, RectalPipe, Rectal, 20th Cent. Straight rectal pipe, infant, with one circular hole at the probe end.
993.1381.1: Pipette ShakerPipette Shaker Electrical 'YANKEE® PIPETTE SHAKER', with time adjuster [30 or 45 seconds]. Plate attached to front of instrument with timer instructions, manufacturer details and instrument details 'NO. A-2290 115 VOLTS 5 AMPS. 50-60CPS'. Number scratched into right-hand side surface 'CP1-084 721'.
993.659.1: Plate, BonePlate, Bone, 20th Cent. LANE bone fracture plate with 6 screw holes, series F for femur, size 3. 'VANADIUM', 'F3' and manufacturer's logo stamped into the surface.
2007.1.1: Pocket Instrument CasePocket Instrument Case, 20th Cent. Leather instrument case, popper fastener, with fold-in side pieces and panels with loops for the instruments. The case holds eleven instruments: two No. 4 scalpel handles [Bard-Parker & Empire] with Gillette blades A & B; five haemostatic forceps with ratchet locks and finger rings: one straight with a box lock joint and a fully serrated jaw, one ROCHESTER-CARMALT's curved with a screw lock joint, one curved with a box lock joint and a fully serrated jaw, one straight with a fully serrated jaw and 2 x 1 teeth and a disjointing joint, one MURPHY-PEAN' straight with a fully serrated jaw and...
998.1.27: Portable Carbon Dioxide Portable Carbon Dioxide , 1941-1970 Carbon dioxide gas "J" cylinder and holder with angle-valve attachment with tap at top to control flow. 'MADE IN ENGLAND' stamped into valve neck and 'SCREW DOWN LIGHTLY' stamped into control tap head. 'SPARKLET HOLDER 'J' SIZE' in relief along the length of the cylindrical holder. Elastoplast tape adhering to surface with 'HAVE TO ...... WELL DOWN BEFORE PUTTING IN NEW CYLINDER' written in ink. 'CARBON DI-OXIDE' label attached to gas cylinder.
993.986.1: Post Mortem SetPost Mortem Set, 20th Cent. Post mortem set in case with key. Case has lift out tray with lidded compartment. 29 all metal instruments: solid mallet and knife/hatchet with brushed chrome plated finish on handle, cross handle chisel, 6x solid forged scalpel handles with different shaped blades, disjointing enterotome/bowel scissors with hook point, disjointing straight scissors with probe end for coronary arteries, 2x blunt end dissection forceps, bow saw handle with serrated blade; fitting for/and straight handle and spare serrated blade, straight disjointing shears with spring, folding skin grafting razor 'TIEMANN'...
2006.296.1: PosterPoster, 1988 History of anaesthesia poster 'Sleeping Giants'. Gives dates of notable advances/discoveries in the field of anaesthesia, 1540-1988. Timelines prepared by Betty J. Bamforth, M.D. Professor of Anaesthesiology, University of Wisconsin Medical School. In 1993 Anaquest was merged into Ohmeda, whose parent company is The BOC Group. Poster dimensions given.
993.29.1: Potain's Aspirating SetPotain's Aspirating Set, c. 1900 Aspirating set in case consisting of syringe with double tip attachment for inward and outward flow [directed by arrows], trocar, 3 x needle [regular point] with copper alloy canulae, 3 way stopcock with bung and rubber tubing.
993.95.1: Potassium Permanganate PillsPotassium Permanganate Pills, 20th Cent. Glass bottle with screw-on cap and cork stopper, contains 99 of original 100 potassium permanganate 1 grain pills, 'STOCK NO. 25-178-4'. The label adhering to 3 sides of the bottle gives information on content and manufacturer's details, directions of use and warning: poison. On the bottle's base, in relief, is a D in a diamond shape with '2' and '3' either side, and '6242' beneath.
999.6.1: Potty, Child'sPotty, Child's, 1930-1950 A round handled enameled ware child's potty. White enamel with black trim on seamless pot. Label adhering to the surface reads 'GSW OPAL STAINLESS Enameled Ware MADE IN CANADA BY GENERAL STEEL WARES LIMITED'.
993.1127.1: Powder DredgerPowder Dredger, 1901-1950 Ebonite powder dredger with screw-on lid. Contains unidentified powder, possibly an antiseptic powder.
2013.15.1: Pre-Columbian Medical SculpturePre-Columbian Medical Sculpture Pre-Columbian burnished terra-cotta figure, slightly flattened. The head is approximately the same length as the body, there are holes to represent eyes, a mouth and ears/earrings. The face and neck are marked with short vertical lines [dermatological lesions]. Feet and arms are merely suggested with small protrusions.The base of the figure is uneven and chipped.