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2006.49.1: Nasal SplintNasal Splint, 1901-1950 MAYER's hollow perforated tapered oval nasal splint, large size.
998.1.34: Needle CarrierNeedle Carrier, 1940-1970 BOZEMAN type curved needle carrier. Flexible [spiral] lower shaft with probe end with eyelet, finger loops at opposite end with threaded bolt for attachments. Incomplete, handle missing.
993.830.1: Needle HolderNeedle Holder, 1950-1990 Needle holder combined with suture scissors, curved jaws, with brass thumb rest [adapted by user]. 'THACKRAY LEEDS' & 'STAINLESS STEEL' stamped into surface. 'Dr. T WILKIE' scratched into surface.
993.255.1: Needle, AneurysmNeedle, Aneurysm, 1881-1920 Aneurysm needle with a cross-hatch ebony grip handle, in two sections which screw together. Blunt point, semi-circular curve to right.
993.913.1: Needle, CurvedNeedle, Curved, 1950-1990 Curved needle, sharp, 'WILKIE' [users name] scratched into handle.
2006.669.1: Needle, HaemorrhoidNeedle, Haemorrhoid, 1941-1990 Haemorrhoid curved needle with metal handle.
993.143.1: Needle, ParacentesisNeedle, Paracentesis, 19th Cent. Paracentesis needle with ivory handle.
2006.117.1: Needle, Post MortemNeedle, Post Mortem Straight cast iron post mortem needle. 'ENGLAND' stamped into shaft, below eyelet.
993.1249.1: Needles, Dental SetNeedles, Dental Set, 1941-1990 Box of one dozen 'Monarch Dental Needles', gauge 25, No. 26½N curved, ½inch length. Incomplete, three needles remain. Box dimensions given.
998.1.26: Ochsner's MaskOchsner's Mask, 20th Cent. OCHSNER wire framed face mask for inhaling ether as an anaesthetic, adult size. Collar to hold lint in place is missing.
2006.656.1: Ochsner's MaskOchsner's Mask, 20th Cent. OCHSNER face mask for inhaling ether as an anaesthetic, adult size, with lint cover held in place by hinged collar and 4 safety pins.
2006.9.1: OphthalmometerOphthalmometer, c. 1900 An electrical ophthalmometer designed to measure the curvature of the anterior surface of the cornea and deliver a primary index of a patient's astigmatism or other corneal irregularities. Consists of a telescope on the examiner's side. Patent details 'C.I. OPHTHALMOMETER. PAT Aug 22. 99 CHICAGO. ILL. U.S.A.' in relief on the frame supporting a chin rest and suspended eye cover. A plaque with the manufacturer's details 'F. A HARDY & CO. CHICAGO U.S.A.' is attached to the dish. The dish has 2 eye testing light sources illuminated from behind by lamp bulbs. The cast iron frame has an...
993.124.1: OphthalmoscopeOphthalmoscope, 1885-1930 A non-luminous ophthalmoscope with a fixed disc at the top which contains 4 inset lenses and encases 29 other lenses which can be revolved turning the lower brass disc. There are 2 circular mirrors on the reverse side fixed to a plate that can be rotated around a central pivot, the larger mirror is on a spring hinge and the smaller mirror is oblique. The manufacturer's details 'DOWN BROS LONDON' and 'PATENT' are stamped into the surface. Case missing.
993.127.1: OphthalmoscopeOphthalmoscope, 1900-1927 Self-luminous ophthalmoscope Simplex No.110 by instrument maker Henry DeZeng in blue velvet lined case. An encased revolving disc contains 19 lenses, with a lever on the mirror side that fixes its position, the mirror is tilted. 'DeZeng' is stamped into handle, 'MADE IN U.S.A.' and patent dates 'PAT 12.21.15, 7.18.22' are stamped into the mirror side of the ophthalmoscope and 'WELLSWORTH DEZENG' and 'Simplex No.110' are stamped into the other side. A cirular metal foil disc is attached to the lid lining with the makers details in relief. One lamp bulb is missing. Dimensions given are for...
998.10.2: OphthalmoscopeOphthalmoscope, 1885-1930 A non-luminous ophthalmoscope with a revolving single lens disc which encases 18 lenses with supplementary four-lens quadrant attachment. On the reverse side are 2 circular mirrors [flat and concave], which are fixed to a plate that can be rotated around a central pivot, plus the smaller concave mirror can be rotated by its disc backing. The ophthalmoscope is marked 'CURRY & PAXTON LONDON'. Gold lettering 'CURRY & PAXTON' on lid lining. The lens held in the lid is missing. Dimensions given are for closed case.