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993.1166.1: Light-Conductive Speculum, VaginalLight-Conductive Speculum, Vaginal, 1970-2001 Disposable light-conductive vaginal speculum, medium size, with hollow handle, ratchet and finger guard, blades are 4 x 1¼ inches with one fixed blade. In relief 'WELCH ALLYN U.S.A. 58001 PAT. PEND.'. The speculum is compatible with an illumination system which can be inserted at the base.
993.348.1: LorgnetteLorgnette, 1839-1862 Folding lorgnette with a gold frame and gold openwork decorative handle and base ring. The base ring and handle can be pulled to extend the length of the handle by 3.5cm. The solid nose bridge is hinged at both ends which allow the outer lens to fold and clip into a flange situated at the top end of the handle. The round lenses are of reading strength. The manufacturer/retailer’s name and address ‘DIXEY 3 NEW BOND ST LONDON. W.’ is engraved into the inner surface of the nose bridge. No case.
993.317.1: Lorgnette, BifocalLorgnette, Bifocal, 19th Cent. Folding bifocal lorgnette with gold frame and steel handle. Hinged bridge. Oval lenses with each lens consisting of 2 separate lenses mounted into a single frame. Sprung rims hinged at top of handle. There is a spring release catch at the side and a small ring at the base of the handle. Dimensions for unfolded lorgnette given.
993.293.1: Lorgnette, FoldingLorgnette, Folding, c. 1850 A short tortoiseshell handle which doubles as a case, and spring loaded framed oval lenses hinged at top of handle which fold at bridge. There is a release catch and small ring at base of handle.
993.304.1: Lorgnette, FoldingLorgnette, Folding, 19th Cent. A long tortoiseshell handle/case with spring loaded framed oval lenses [corrective] hinged at top of handle and fold at bridge. A gold oval disc for the owners intials engraved 'EMM' in script is attached to the handle. There is a release catch at the side and a small suspension ring for a cord at the base of the handle. 'MxDIV' is engraved into the metal casing. Dimensions given are for unfolded lorgnette.
993.875.1: Lumbard's AirwayLumbard's Airway, 20th Cent. LUMBARD's anaesthetic tube for control of tongue and palate during general anaesthesia. 'SKLAR GERMANY' and 'RH' stamped into surface.
2009.19.1: Maddox Wing Test InstrumentMaddox Wing Test Instrument, 20th Cent. Hand held Maddox Wing Test instrument used to test for imbalances in binocular vision, for example heterophoria [tendency to squint] which is measured on the red vertical scale. Esophoria and exophoria are measured by the white horizontal scale. Cyclophoria may be assessed by moving the red arrow pointer parallel to the horizontal scale. The visual field is divided into two sections, allowing the right eye to see only the white and red arrows, whilst the left eye sees only the horizontal and vertical rows of figures. 'INST. No. 1370', 'MADDOX WING TEST' and 'ENGLAND' printed in white on...
993.295.1: MagnifierMagnifier, 19th Cent. Folding magnifier; round lens in silver frame with grooved decoration, hinged at handle. The round Mother-of-Pearl handle is undecorated with two silver clasps. Case missing.
993.1136.1: Magnifier, Protective Magnifier, Protective , 1881-1910 Blued steel frame and brown silk eyecups with velvet padding, long straight side arms with small teardrop loop finials. Thread is wrapped around finials. Oval eyes with dark plastic lenses [black coating applied to internal surface] with viewing slits, the right side has a small oval opening, the left a rectangle opening. Over the openings are hinged magnifying glass lenses which are fixed internally. With orginal case; 13.7 x 5.3 x 5 cm. The manufacturer's name and address is stamped in gold print on the internal surface of the lid flap and a star on the outer surface.
993.908.1: MalletMallet, 1950-1975 Solid metal mallet for bone surgery. Chrome plated steel with lead filled head. Trademark stamped inside circle.
2006.469.1: ManometerManometer, 1951-1970 Fleischer spinal manometer, a pocket size long scale mercurial type manometer in a folding case. Consists of a fluid trap [prevents spinal fluid from entering mercury reservoir] with tubing and Luer adapter; spinal needle with a Luer-Lok hub with a built in three-way stopcock and a fitted stylet with a matched beveled point; mercury tube and reservoir; graduated scale 0-90mm. 'FLEISCHER SPINAL MANOMETER B-D BECTONDICKINSON & CO. RUTHERFORD N.J.' stamped into the inner case surface and 'G.C.' on external surface. Case dimensions given. Incomplete, box, instruction booklet and short tube...
2006.461.1: ManometerManometer, 1931-1960 Pocket type manometer with non-spilling mercury reservoir. The straight mercury tube is graduated from 0 to 270mm. The manometer is part of a sphygmomanometer where the manometer would have been fixed to a folding stand.
993.148.1: MaskMask, 1891-1940 Bellamy Gardener type design face mask for inhaling ether as an anaesthetic. Hinged wire mesh covered with double layer of wool fabric held in place by lever.
993.184.1: Medicine CaseMedicine Case, 1911-1960 'Tabloid' brown leather pocket pouch for carrying vials of tablet medicines for hypodermic injection. Flip top lid with front snap fastener. Pale tan leather inside with manufacturer details and an Abridged list of 'TABLOID' hypodermic products.
993.147.1: Medicine ChestMedicine Chest, c. 1820 Mahogany medicine chest, triptych style, with hinged lid and 2 doors in the front which swing open to reveal 2 draws in the front section and two smaller draws on each side of the door sections with ivory knob handles. The chest has compartments to hold 14 bottles, 3 large, 11 small. Of these 2 large and 2 small bottles are missing. The medicine bottles are hand blown with stoppers and the large bottle and 6 of the 9 smaller bottles have labels attached: prepared ginger, Goulard's extract [a solution of lead acetate and lead oxide], laudanum, paregoric elixir [a camphorated tincture of...