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993.1171.1: Irrigation NozzleIrrigation Nozzle, 1951-1980 Urethral irrigation nozzle with shield. Screw on tapered tip. 'J.SKLAR MFC CO.' stamped into the surface.
999.3.77: Irrigation Tube, UrethralIrrigation Tube, Urethral, 1911-1950 Simple retrojecting tube, curved, with a screw-on bulbous tip with perforations around the neck so that the spray is projected backwards; at the other end a screw-on connector to attach a hose.
993.586.1: Irrigator, UrethralIrrigator, Urethral, 1911-1960 Urethral irrigator, with cut-off mechanism, shield and removable nozzle. Automatic action, pressure at finger-rests starts the flow of liquid and stops it when pressure is released, a ring lock can be slid down to keep it open when desired. 'SKLAR CHROME' stamped into surface.
998.8.1: Jar, PharmacyJar, Pharmacy, 20th Cent. Eli Lilly 'Pro Dolore' jar, cylindrical with lid. Outer surfaces covered with cream coloured coating [enamel?] with gold trim. Black lettering ' Pro Dolore' [trans; For Pain] and 'Lilly' [manufacturer] printed on surface.
993.230.1: Jar, PharmacyJar, Pharmacy, 1900-1938 Cylindrical opaque glass pharmacy jar with lid. Mold seams on outer surface of base and lid. Contents 'CONF. SULPHUR.' printed on surface. Manufacturer's details embossed on base 'WHITALL, TATUM & CO. PHILA. & N.Y.' . Empty.
2011.29.1: Jarcho PressometerJarcho Pressometer, c. 1950 Jarcho Pressometer No. 5035 in a case. Consisting of a metal support onto which fits a pocket type graduated manometer and a 20cc graduated glass reservoir with cap and rubber stopper. A hollow metal 'T' fits into the cap when the stopper is removed. A tube ending in a bulb and a tube connected to the manometer fits onto the 'T'. The glass reservoir is linked to a uterine cannula by two tubes which are joined with a one-way stopcock. A tube brush fits into the lid. 'Directions for Assembly' sheet and 'Certificate of Examination' for the manometer are included. 'B-D' manufacturer’s...
993.925.1: Jones Motor Basal Metabolism TesterJones Motor Basal Metabolism Tester, c. 1937 The Jones motor-basal respirometer is a closed circuit bellows type of metabolimeter with a gas cylinder [B.P. Oxygen]. The oxygen tank, motor blower, soda lime granules container, bellows, switch box and pressure gauge are supported by an cast iron frame resting on four casters. The pressure gauge displays how much oxygen has been exhaled. The respirometer measures the time required by the patient to consume a measured litre of oxygen instead of computing the amount of oxygen consumed in a definite period of time. The apparatus is connected to the patient by means of a conventional mouth...
2006.243.1: KeratomeKeratome, 1956-1985 Small angular JAEGER keratome. Manufacturer's details 'WEISS LONDON' stamped into the side edge of the handle. 'VGH' [Vancouver General Hospital] stamped into handle.
993.869.1: Kidney DishKidney Dish, 20th Cent. Enameled shallow basin, kidney-shaped, with sloping walls and a navy blue rim. Manufacturer's logo is highlighted in blue on the underside of the basin.
999.3.19: Knife, AuralKnife, Aural, 1921-1950 Aural instrument; knife, straight, solid forged, blade not plated. Manufacturer’s trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown (Rod of Asclepius)] and size number '1' stamped into handle.
993.1324.1: Knife, EyeKnife, Eye, 1901-1950 Single ended handle with reversible cataract needle, straight.
2006.538.1: Knife, EyeKnife, Eye, 1951-1990 Iridectomy knife in a case which also acts as screw-on handle. Trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown] and encircled 'NRA' stamped into surface.
993.842.1: Knife, NasalKnife, Nasal, 20th Cent. BALLENGER's tubinate knife: angled left with a curved sharp blade, rounded end, hollow handle.
993.841.1: Knife, NasalKnife, Nasal, 20th Cent. BALLENGER's tubinate knife: angled right with a curved sharp blade, rounded end, hollow handle. 'E.SCHMID CO' stamped into surface.
995.2.13: Knife, TonsilKnife, Tonsil, 1941-1950 Tonsil knife, right, semi-circular curved blade with blunt point. 'THE J.F.Hartz Co' and Jetter & Scheerer's trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown] stamped into shaft. '1' stamped at bottom end of handle.