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997.4.1: InhalerInhaler, c. 1880 ALLIS type ether inhaler which consists of a hollow housing fitted with removable inner grid frame [parallel bars 3cm wide, 2 cm apart]. Gauze would be stretched back and forth between the bars. The inhaler was placed over the nose and mouth where liquid ether would vaporize from the gauze when inserted into the housing. 'B' inscribed in circle on outer surface of housing. Cover for housing missing.
2006.677.1: InhalerInhaler, 1925-1974 The "Duke" University inhaler in box, for use with Trilene [purified trichloroethylene]. Contains: Cylinder with small inlet tube and notched vapour concentration indicator dial at base, face mask, wrist strap, vapour concentration key for dial, envelope for key and instruction leaflets for inhaler and 'Trilene', both written in English and French. The mask has 'MADE IN USA' in relief, front top surface. The cylinder, strap and key are attached together by chain. Dimensions given are for box.
2005.19.10: InhalerInhaler, 1935-1965 Spoon devise with broken rubber tubing connected to the mouth/nose piece.
2006.217.1: Inhaler, OxyconInhaler, Oxycon, 1941-1980 The Oxycon nasal inhaler consists of a supporting frame similar to a frame for spectacles with side arms to hook around ears, nose clips and two adjustable curved inlet nasal tubes fed by rubber tubing attached to the top of the frame. Dimension given are for supporting frame.
993.1006.1: Instrument BoxInstrument Box, 1930-1945 Instrument box with lift-out tray depicting instruments held within with their shapes engraved into the surface. Plaque attached to front of box reads 'Instrumentenbesteck 6' [set of instruments 6]. Box contains a screw-cap tube containing a glass tube with a rubber stopper which holds a spool of silk suture thread, the sterilising solution has evaporated. Both containers have ' Seide No. 2 geflochten Sterilisiert' printed along the side. German made, Nazi stamp on bottom. All instruments are missing.
993.273.1: Instrument Kit, GermanInstrument Kit, German, 1918 Cast iron lidded box containing a perforated tray and 2 canvas instrument cases. 'H.S.D.' and '1680' is stamped into lid top with date '1918' on side. The case containing amputation saw has inked name 'Truppenbesteck Nr.811 Einsatz 4' and outline of saw with blade and 3 other instruments which are missing. The second canvas case has pockets for 9 surgical instruments: knife, 7x scalpels and razor. Numbers 1 to 9 are printed in black ink on each pocket. The box also contains 3x trephines, catheter, needle holder, curved blunt scissors, cross handle, stand and burner unit; '+H.S.D.+' and...
993.55.1: Invalid FeederInvalid Feeder, c. 1900 Red floral pattern on blue and yellow background porcelain invalid feeder with gold band around rim, curved spout and ring handle, unsigned.
993.58.1: Invalid FeederInvalid Feeder, c. 1900 Gold coloured floral patterned porcelain invalid feeder with gold band around rim, curved spout and ring handle, unsigned.
993.54.1: Invalid FeederInvalid Feeder, c. 1910 "Blue Onion". Blue floral patterned porcelain invalid feeder with gold band around rim, curved spout and ring handle, unsigned. Made in Germany stamped on base.
993.57.1: Invalid FeederInvalid Feeder, c. 1900 Blue floral patterned porcelain invalid feeder with gold band around rim, curved spout and ring handle, unsigned. 'S.' or '5.' on base.
993.616.1: Irrigating UrethroscopeIrrigating Urethroscope, 1901-1950 An irrigating urethroscope in a case consisting of one sheath with a stopcock and outlet nozzle and three inter-changeable probe ends of different sizes, a universal telescope, a magnifying lens attachment, an obturator No. 25, cords and switch, a boxed spare lamp, one galvano-cautery point [handle and conducting cord missing] and a cauterizing brush. Manufacturer C.G. Heynemann's label is attached to the lid. Paper label attached to base reads 'Es ist ratsam den Abflu├čkanal am Tubus sofort nach Gebrauch gut durchzusp├╝len, am besten unter Zuhilfenahme einer Spritze, damit eine...
993.1171.1: Irrigation NozzleIrrigation Nozzle, 1951-1980 Urethral irrigation nozzle with shield. Screw on tapered tip. 'J.SKLAR MFC CO.' stamped into the surface.
999.3.77: Irrigation Tube, UrethralIrrigation Tube, Urethral, 1911-1950 Simple retrojecting tube, curved, with a screw-on bulbous tip with perforations around the neck so that the spray is projected backwards; at the other end a screw-on connector to attach a hose.
993.586.1: Irrigator, UrethralIrrigator, Urethral, 1911-1960 Urethral irrigator, with cut-off mechanism, shield and removable nozzle. Automatic action, pressure at finger-rests starts the flow of liquid and stops it when pressure is released, a ring lock can be slid down to keep it open when desired. 'SKLAR CHROME' stamped into surface.
998.8.1: Jar, PharmacyJar, Pharmacy, 20th Cent. Eli Lilly 'Pro Dolore' jar, cylindrical with lid. Outer surfaces covered with cream coloured coating [enamel?] with gold trim. Black lettering ' Pro Dolore' [trans; For Pain] and 'Lilly' [manufacturer] printed on surface.