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2006.308.1: FunnelFunnel, 20th Cent. PVC conical chemical funnel, short stem, 2oz, top diameter 2½ inches. 'KENUTUF MADE IN ENGLAND' in relief around rim.
2006.307.1: FunnelFunnel, 20th Cent. PVC conical chemical funnel, short stem, 2oz, top diameter 2½ inches. 'KENUTUF MADE IN ENGLAND' in relief around rim.
2006.310.1: FunnelFunnel, 20th Cent. Conical chemical funnel, long stem. Stem broken.
2006.309.1: FunnelFunnel, 1943-1992 Conical chemical funnel, short stem. In relief on surface: 'K 58 U.S.A. T.M.REG.' and 'PATENT 2321639'.
2006.195.1: GalvanometerGalvanometer, 1958 Galvanometer [voltmeter], housed in a wooden casing with graduated scale panel [percent and saturation]. Instrument used to detect and measure very low currents. Movable tag fixed to base has following information: 'CAT. NO. 3414, SER. No. 100060, SENS. .0016 MM, RESIS. 479 OHMS, PERIOD 4.9 SECONDS, C.D.R.X. 9000 OHMS, DATE 4-2-58, RUBICON COMPANY PHILADELPHIA'. Incomplete, electrical connector cable missing.
2006.381.1: Garamycin OintmentGaramycin Ointment, c. 1970 2gm tube of 0.1% [1mg/gm] gentamicin sulfate 'GARAMYCIN OINTMENT'. 'Each gram of ointment contains: 1mg gentamicin as sulfate. Usual dose: Apply a small amount to the affected area three or four times daily.' Expiry date 'MAY1971' and Lot No. '9YKF5' stamped into metal base. Product details given in both English and French. Geramycin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic.
993.278.1: Gas MaskGas Mask, 1939-1945 Canadian army gas mask. A full-face gas mask consisting of a filter cartridge canister [type E], flexible face covering piece with glass eye lenses, and at the back a six point elastic head harness used to hold the mask in place. A metal inlet/outlet assembly is positioned on the front of the mask, which connects to a short corrugated rubber hose. Both the face piece and the corrugated hose were made from moulded rubber covered in a stockinet material. 'No 4/MK III DUNLOP 10.12.39' printed on back of head harness. 'C.Q.P. 23/11/40 NORMAL MOT 2/40 226' printed on face mask fabric. 'MC LD...
997.17.1: Gibson's Lozenge TinGibson's Lozenge Tin, 1898-1922 Colourful decorated rectangular tin box. Held 7 lbs net of 'GIBSON'S Linseed Liquorice and Chloroform LOZENGE', manufactured by 'Robert Gibson and Sons Ltd, Manchester, England'. The lid is decorated with R & G trademark design. On the front and back the contents of a lozenge is specified 'Contain:-3% Chloroform; .312% Æther; 1.2 Muc. Linseed .03%Ol. Anisi; .0075% Ol. Menth. Pip; .075% Tinct. Capsici 10.00% Ext Glycyrrhizæ; Gum, sugar lozenge basis, q.s.' and 'COMPOSED OF OIL OF PEPPERMINT, ANISEED, LINSEED, EXTRACT OF CAYENNE, EXTRACT OF LIQUORICE, 3% CHLOROFORM AND .312% ETHER. THESE...
2006.265.1: GougeGouge, 20th Cent. Heavy handled gouge with rounded blade end 12mm width. Manufacturer's details 'STILLE' & 'SWEDEN' and 'O.R. V.G.H' [operating room, Vancouver General Hospital] stamped into handle.
2006.264.1: GougeGouge, 20th Cent. Heavy handled gouge with rounded blade end 15mm width. Manufacturer's details 'STILLE' & 'SWEDEN' stamped into handle.
993.214.1: HaemacytometerHaemacytometer, 1901-1950 Haemacytometer in red leather case consisting of two graduated mixing pipettes for both red and white corpuscles, two tubes for pipettes with mouth-piece and a Thoma [Hawksley] counting chamber. The Thoma's counting chamber has a cell with a uniform depth of 0.1 m/m; the bottom of the cell is ruled into 400 squares, each having an area of 1/400th of a square millimeter. 'BLUTKÖRPERZÄHLAPPARAT' and manufacturer's name 'CARL ZEISS JENA' embossed into lid in gold coloured print. Case dimensions given.
993.66.1: HaemacytometerHaemacytometer, 1935-1975 Haemacytometer in red leather covered case consisting of graduated blood counting pipettes for both red and white corpuscles, tube with mount and double Neubauer counting chamber with cover glass. 'Haemacytometer' embossed into lid in gold coloured lettering. Name of owner 'J.C. Poole' written on strip of tape adhering to lid surface.
993.178.1: HaemoglobinometerHaemoglobinometer, 1920-1929 'The Dare Hemoglobinometer' in case with 'New Dare Hemoglobinometer' leaflet. The instrument consists of: measuring apparatus with a revolving scale standardized to 16 grams to which a telescopic tube with screw-on eye piece attaches, battery handle with light source attachment, candle with bracket and holder, spare lamp, 2 piece lancet. The instrument name and manufacturer's information is printed in gold lettering on the inside lid of the case reading 'The Dare hemoglobinometer, made and guaranteed by Rieker Instrument Co., Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A.' and 'The Dare hemoglobinometer' is...
993.68.1: HaemometerHaemometer, 1935-1975 Sahli-Leitz haemometer in black leather case lined with velvet and blue silk, consisting of housing with 2x cylindrical colour standards, double-graduated round measuring tube, capillary pipette [broken], stirring rod, calibrated round 40mm vial, tube with mount, cleaning brush and directions for use. Incomplete.
993.188.1: Hammer, PercussionHammer, Percussion, 1911-1950 Percussion hammer with plated metal handle, leadened head with rubber ring. Makers name ' HAWKINS LONDON' stamped into handle.