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2006.297.1: FluoroscopeFluoroscope, 1930-1950 Hand held fluoroscope consists of a coated steel hood of pyramid form with handle. At the larger end of the hood is a lead glass fluoroscopic screen. At the smaller end is a viewing port of glass and a foam rubber cushion to provide a tight fit across the operators face [now distorted]. Surrounding the viewing port is a sheet of lead for protection and there would have been a leaded rubber apron fixed in front of the handle to give further protection, which is now missing.
998.9.32: Forcep JarForcep Jar, 1965-90 Cylindrical jar with a flared base for holding forceps. White with a black rim around the top, and the bottom edge of the base.
993.221.1: ForcepsForceps, 1911-1960 Forceps with mouse teeth, straight.
993.1156.1: Forceps, BiopsyForceps, Biopsy, 20th Cent. YEOMAN biopsy punch forceps. Straight jaw with scissor handles. Length of shaft 10½ inches[26.8cm]. Collar adjustment to permit rotation of jaws through full 360°. Name of supplier 'STEVENS' and material 'STAINLESS STEEL' stamped into handle.
993.716.1: Forceps, Champetier de Ribes\'Forceps, Champetier de Ribes\', 20th Cent. CHAMPETIER DE RIBES' forceps, for introducing a colpeurynter. Curved fenestrated jaws, disjointing arms and ring handles with long ratchet locking mechanism. Manufacturer’s trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown (Rod of Asclepius)], 'GERMANY' and 'C H' stamped into surface. '72' stamped into both arms.
998.1.4: Forceps, Elevating, UterineForceps, Elevating, Uterine, 1940-1970 SOMER's uterine elevating forceps with curved fenestrated serrated jaws, disjointing arms, extra long ratchet and ring handles. Manufacturer’s trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown (Rod of Asclepius)] and supplier's name 'INGRAM & BELL' stamped into surface. Also 'R.W.I.' and '14' stamped into both arms.
993.1325.1: Forceps, EyeForceps, Eye, 1901-1950 DESMARRES Chalazion forceps with set screw. Manufacturer’s trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown (Rod of Asclepius)] and size number '2' stamped into surface.
2006.111.1: Forceps, ObstetricForceps, Obstetric, 1901-1950 PORTER-MATHEW\'s obstetric forceps with safety catch bar and wingnut fitted to handle. Supplier\'s name \'The J.F. Hartz Co.\', manufacturer\'s trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown (Rod of Asclepius)] and \'NORMAL AT4\' stamped into handle. This type of forceps would have been used with an axis traction handle which is missing.
993.70.1: Forceps, ObstetricalForceps, Obstetrical, 1901-1950 Obstetric axis traction forceps with hole and hook for handle attachment on one side. '289' stamped into both handles.
993.69.1: Forceps, ObstetricalForceps, Obstetrical, 1851-1900 Long curved obstetrical forceps with ebony handles. Signed with makers name 'FANNIN DUBLIN', no '27'.
2005.19.3: Forceps, ObstetricalForceps, Obstetrical, 1921-1970 SIMPSON'S obstetrical forceps, size 5. 'MAW LONDON' and '5' stamped into surface.
993.374.1: Forceps, OrientalForceps, Oriental Two copper alloy instruments joined by a leather thong. Forceps/tweezers with engraved design on outer surfaces and small tweezers with 2 pointed tools hanging from decorative bar.
993.1157.1: Forceps, SutureForceps, Suture Michel combined applying and removing forceps for suture clips. Instrument ends with serrated cutting edge blade at one end and 4 x 5 teeth at other. 'SKLARCHROMEU.S.A.' stamped into handle.
998.1.10: Forceps, TumorForceps, Tumor, 1951-1980 Tumor forceps with 3 x 3 curved sharp teeth, disjointing arms and ring handles. 'GERMANY' and 'R.W.I.' stamped into the surface.
993.48.1: Forceps,Tooth ExtractingForceps,Tooth Extracting, 1901-1950 Forceps for extracting teeth [lower bicuspids?].