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993.1144.1: ElevatorElevator, 1951-2000 Curved with probe-end, flat handle.
2006.459.1: Enema KitEnema Kit, 1839-1850 Mahogany case containing an enema kit consisting of a pump, 3 screw rectal pipes, each with cord repeatedly wrapped around the outer surface, and a rubber tubing with connecting pipes at either end; 1 straight, 1 right angled, both with screw connection fittings. The manufacturer's name and address 'Savigny & Co. 67, James Street' is engraved into the pump's surface.
993.61.1: Enema SyringeEnema Syringe, 1891-1840 Coloured lacquered metal enema syringe with ivory tip. Cylindrical with 2 finger rings on top cap and thumb ring on rounded plunger stem. Brass crest on body with lion and unicorn in relief either side of a heraldic motif with French quotes around motif and 'DIEU ET MON DROIT' below. Underneath reads 'JOSEPH GRAY & SON TRUSS WORKS SHEFFIELD'. Ivory tip has carved threads to fit into base.
993.49.1: Enema SyringeEnema Syringe, 19th Cent. Enema syringe barrel and piston rod with fiberous material wrapped around the lead plunger. 'PIR-- TETTNANG' stamped into piston screw cap. Tettnang is a district in Germany.
2006.380.1: Eserine Sulphate OintmentEserine Sulphate Ointment, 1940-1960 ⅛ ounce tube of 'OPTHYL No.9 Ophthalmic Ointment ESERINE SULPHATE 0.25% Anesthetic Opthyl Base.' Lot No. 58571. Manufactured by Charles R. Will & Co. Limited.
993.932.1: Ether DropperEther Dropper, c. 1880 ESMARCH ether dropper. Amber coloured glass bottle, rounded with narrow neck with lip. Metal top set into cork with short and longer metal tube protruding from both top and bottom. Bottle has a flat and convex side profile.
2006.26.1: Ether Dropper ClampEther Dropper Clamp, c. 1950 KAN KLAMP's dropper clamp with threaded join to raise and lower bell shaped piece with two air valve spouts with screw top caps connected, cushioned with cork washer, and spare washer. 'PATENTED FEB.27-1923' stamped into surface. Directions of use: Attach clamp to the top of a 'KAN KLAMP' can of ether/chloroform. A slight turn of the screw top caps on the air valves releases the desired flow of anaesthetic.
2006.546.1: Ether HookEther Hook, 20th Cent. GWATHMEY ether hook with plain end.
993.600.1: Ethyl Chloride Dispensing TubeEthyl Chloride Dispensing Tube, 1902-1951 Hand held cylinder with valve, screw stopper and bulbous glass nozzle outlet; that holds and allows the administering of the Gebauer's Ethyl Chloride. 'GEBAUER'S ETHYL-CHLORIDE C.P. THE GEBAUER CHEM.CO.CLEVELAND' is stamped into the cylinder's surface.
993.150.1: Excelsior SyringeExcelsior Syringe, c. 1959 'Excelsior Syringe' with single finger ring and catheter tip. Asbestos string is wrapped round the plunger tip and an area around the plunger stem.
2014.4.1: Eye CalipersEye Calipers, 1952-1972 Boxed CASTROVIEJO's eye calipers with double sided graduated scale, reading from 0mm to 20mm, and curved set screw. A yellow plastic sleeve is used to protect the straight sharp pointed tips when not in use. 'storz - stainless' is stamped into the calipers surface. 'storz Surgical Instruments' and 'EYE SCISSORS' are printed on the box lid.
2006.450.1: Eye ChartEye Chart, 1911-1960 Hanging eye chart 'For the facilitation of a Medical Eye Examination'. Two hanging holes punched with metal eyelets with cord threaded through. Printed on back 'The test type is a normal 6 meter one scaled down for use at a distance of three meters (9' 10"). The other side of the chart is covered with a washable surface and may be cleaned with a DAMP cloth. IMPORTANT It must be emphasized that the test type is in no way intended to be a substitute for a full eye examination. Printed in England'.
993.96.1: Eye CupEye Cup, 1911-1950 Emerald green glass, bulbous base narrowed at neck with flared eye shaped opening at top. The reservoir style eye cup has side mold seams and imperfection in the glass with bubbles and stretch marks [varying lines and ripples] visible. Embossed on the base is manufacturer's, Wood Brothers of Barnsley, trademark [W in octagon] and 'MADE IN ENGLAND'.
2006.356.1: Eye MagnetEye Magnet, 1951-1980 The Firle eye magnet with 4 removable tips, complete in case. 'MADE IN ENGLAND' stamped into magnetic tube and in gold lettering on case. Case dimensions given.
2006.451.1: Eye Test CardEye Test Card, 1911-1960 Eye test card No. 100 B. Six typed paragraphs to be read. From the 'Imperial Optical Company'.