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993.1169.1: Electrocardio Guide BookletElectrocardio Guide Booklet, 1964 "The Electrocardio Guide". A collection of schematic reproductions of electrocardiograms designed to help recognition of normal and abnormal patterns. "Re-drawn from tracings presented in Goldman, M. J.:Principles of Clinical Electrocardiography, 5th edition, Lange Medical Publications, Los Altos, California, 1964." 'Dr. N.M.Arnott' written on 1st page. Number code 4-65 217L-2-765 on back cover.
993.625.1: Electrocardiograph, PortableElectrocardiograph, Portable, 1951-1970 Cased portable direct-writing string electrocardiograph, physician's-office model, with handled latching cover. Two electrical cables: a mains plug and a four point lead are stored in a small compartment accessed by a door in the back. The points would have electrodes attached when in use. Three of the points are known as limb leads and are labelled with one of the following initials: 'RA' [right arm], 'LA' [left arm, 'LL' [left leg]. The fourth point is labelled 'CH' [chest lead]. There is a separate compartment to store the paper roll onto which the results were printed as a graph. A...
993.632.1: Electrode SetElectrode Set, 20th Cent. A varnished case with purple lining in the lid, containing a cupping glass and 4 electrodes: a vaginal, a laryngeal, a ball-end and a tapered headed electrode all insulated with polished hard rubber. Incomplete, 4 instruments are missing. Dimensions given are for closed case only.
2006.420.1: Electrode WheelElectrode Wheel, 1901-1930 A metal roller with handle. Connecting wire missing.
993.991.1: Electrotherapeutical ApparatusElectrotherapeutical Apparatus, 1920-1931 Electrotherapeutic apparatus in a portable, lined, lidded case with corner protectors and lock. The left side of the case houses a control box which includes the electrical mechanism [coil, condenser, etc.]. The lid of the control box has a sinusoidal controller, a lever and a dial, which are used to regulate the current strength, and two electrical cord connector posts. There are two electrical cords leading from the control box, one is attached to a Bakelite electrode handle and the other a plug, these are housed on the right side of the case along with two metal electrode tubes and two...
2006.70.1: Electrotherapeutical ApparatusElectrotherapeutical Apparatus, 1900-1930 \'Branston Violet Ray High Frequency Generator\'. Cased electrotherapeutical apparatus with one metal electrode and 4 high frequency violet ray surface electrodes [sealed glass tubes]: rake comb, special prostatic and 2 general surface electrodes. A lever is used to regulate the current strength, with 2 lengths of twisted double electrical cords coming from the covered generator/cell ending with a Bakelite electrode handle and a plug. A metal plate is attached giving manufacturer\'s details and model type and number \'MODEL 7 NO 3419\'. Case dimensions given. Product name ribbon attached...
993.1138.1: Electrotherapeutical ApparatusElectrotherapeutical Apparatus, 1923-1940 'MEDACO' violet ray high frequency generator in a brown leatherette covered steel hinged wooden case with leather handle, corner protectors and catch, lined with burgundy coloured textile. The electrical mechanism (coil, condenser, etc.) is covered by a Bakelite control panel with 2 sleeved electrical leads ending in a plug and an electrode handle. The control panel displays a small plate giving volts and amps, and manufacturer's details, a dial for regulating strength of current 'DOSAGE CONTROLLER', a contact adjustment dial and an on off switch. There are 4 high frequency violet ray...
993.1144.1: ElevatorElevator, 1951-2000 Curved with probe-end, flat handle.
2006.459.1: Enema KitEnema Kit, 1839-1850 Mahogany case containing an enema kit consisting of a pump, 3 screw rectal pipes, each with cord repeatedly wrapped around the outer surface, and a rubber tubing with connecting pipes at either end; 1 straight, 1 right angled, both with screw connection fittings. The manufacturer's name and address 'Savigny & Co. 67, James Street' is engraved into the pump's surface.
993.61.1: Enema SyringeEnema Syringe, 1891-1840 Coloured lacquered metal enema syringe with ivory tip. Cylindrical with 2 finger rings on top cap and thumb ring on rounded plunger stem. Brass crest on body with lion and unicorn in relief either side of a heraldic motif with French quotes around motif and 'DIEU ET MON DROIT' below. Underneath reads 'JOSEPH GRAY & SON TRUSS WORKS SHEFFIELD'. Ivory tip has carved threads to fit into base.
993.49.1: Enema SyringeEnema Syringe, 19th Cent. Enema syringe barrel and piston rod with fiberous material wrapped around the lead plunger. 'PIR-- TETTNANG' stamped into piston screw cap. Tettnang is a district in Germany.
2006.380.1: Eserine Sulphate OintmentEserine Sulphate Ointment, 1940-1960 ⅛ ounce tube of 'OPTHYL No.9 Ophthalmic Ointment ESERINE SULPHATE 0.25% Anesthetic Opthyl Base.' Lot No. 58571. Manufactured by Charles R. Will & Co. Limited.
993.932.1: Ether DropperEther Dropper, c. 1880 ESMARCH ether dropper. Amber coloured glass bottle, rounded with narrow neck with lip. Metal top set into cork with short and longer metal tube protruding from both top and bottom. Bottle has a flat and convex side profile.
2006.26.1: Ether Dropper ClampEther Dropper Clamp, c. 1950 KAN KLAMP's dropper clamp with threaded join to raise and lower bell shaped piece with two air valve spouts with screw top caps connected, cushioned with cork washer, and spare washer. 'PATENTED FEB.27-1923' stamped into surface. Directions of use: Attach clamp to the top of a 'KAN KLAMP' can of ether/chloroform. A slight turn of the screw top caps on the air valves releases the desired flow of anaesthetic.
2006.546.1: Ether HookEther Hook, 20th Cent. GWATHMEY ether hook with plain end.