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993.1162.1: Dilator, UterineDilator, Uterine, 1961-2000 GOODELL uterine dilator, graduated and threaded at ridged handles. Supplier 'THE J.F.HARTZCO.', 'U.S.A.' & '4' stamped into surface.
993.1322.1: Dilator, UterineDilator, Uterine, 1900-1914 GOODELL uterine dilator with gauge [opening max 1½"] and set screw, large size.
2011.1.1: Dilators, RectalDilators, Rectal, 1915-1945 Boxed set containing 2 graduated sizes of rectal dilators size 1 and 3 [originally a set of 4]. Label on inner lid reads 'This Box Contains a Set of Four Dilators-Price $3.75 Per Set in the U.S.-Sold Only in Sets. DR. YOUNG'S IMPROVED RECTAL DILATORS, DIRECTIONS: To be used only by or on the prescription of a physician. NOTICE TO DEALER: Dr. Young's Rectal Dilators may be sold only on prescription. WARNING: Avoid using in case of bleeding since this may indicate a serious condition. Avoid use of excessive force in the introduction of the instrument. Manufactured Expressly for, and...
2011.6.1: Dilators, SetDilators, Set, 1961-1998 Set of 6 uterine dilators of solid metal construction, double ended, in lidded case. Sizes in American scale 9/10 to 19/20mm. 'Hank's Dilators' in gold print on case lid. Case dimensions given.
993.736.1: Dilators, Uterine, SetDilators, Uterine, Set, 20th Cent. HANK'S uterine dilator set consisting of a lined case and six double ended dilators, sizes in American scale 9 to 20mm. 'Set Hank's Dilators' printed on the case lid in gold lettering. Case dimensions given.
993.1352.1: Dissecting SetDissecting Set Wooden case covered with burgundy coloured leather with copper alloy swing hooks and catches, lined with burgundy coloured velvet, moulded internal compartments. Contains scalpel, 2 x dissecting teasing needles, 2 x glass rods. Incomplete.
996.3.1: Douche, NasalDouche, Nasal, 1915-1965 Boxed 'Aseptic' nasal irrigator. Directions for use printed on the reverse side of the box.
993.151.1: Douche, UterineDouche, Uterine, c. 1900 Catheter for douching the uterus, double channel.
993.1220.1: Drill, BoneDrill, Bone, 1914-1930 Archimedean bone drill with continuous clockwise motion. Set of 6 drill points, assorted sizes, held in screw cap hollow handle. '98' stamped into surface in 4 areas of the drill/handle and on each drill point.
993.606.1: Drug CaseDrug Case, 1901-1950 Leather case opens out with lift-out panel to one side holding 27 vials [10 without corks]: 2 corked vials with hand written labels containing tannic acid [light brown crystalline powder] and potassium permanganate [[black crystals], 3 empty corked vials with hand written labels for cocaine hydrochloride, ergotin and iodine [small amount of purple-brown solid residue remains] and 22 empty vials. To the other side are 2 compartments, one is an empty lidded area with the name of the supplier on the lid and the other compartment contains 4 sets of clips holding jars; 3 with cork lids, 2 with...
993.89.1: Drug CaseDrug Case, c. 1930 A leather case with strap and buckle, the case when opened reveals an empty pocket and 8 straps holding medicine bottles. The bottles have screw-top caps with inner cork lining and printed labels with the name and address of the supplier 'ARMY & NAVY Co-operative Society, Limited. 105, VICTORIA STREET, Westminster S.W.', and the name of the drug held within and directions of use. The bottles are empty except for powdered remains in 3 bottles. The bottles held: Liver Tablets, Ipecacuanha, Chlorate of Potash and Borax Tablets, Chlorodyne, Boric Acid, Aspirin (Acetyl Salicylic Acid),...
993.1003.1: Drug Kit, EmergencyDrug Kit, Emergency, 1930-1950 "Pochette Medicale D'Urgence". Hinged lidded aluminium case containing 7 sealed glass ampoules of medicinal solutions: ether, novocain, sparteine, ergotine, camphor, caffeine and camphor in oil [not original] held in a textile covered card holder. Paper list of ampoule contents, graduated 2cc frosted glass syringe barrel with round glass piston rod and needle with regular point. F. Gratieu engraved on left hand side corner of base. 'LABORATOIRE FRAISSE PARIS' stamped into base. Morphine ampoule missing.
995.4.24: Dry Ice ApparatusDry Ice Apparatus, 1940-1960 Portable apparatus which consist of a delivery system for dry ice from liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) cartridges using an applicator for capturing and using the ice. The apparatus fits into a case with a blue velvet lining. The case contains the chamber: a clear plastic casing to which is attached by screw thread a base made of black plastic insulating material and the cartridge support: an elongated shell with outer longitudinal ribs. Also three tube applicators of varying sizes with pistons, a CO2 cartridge held within the cartridge support, four extra CO2 cartridges, a metal spatula and an...
993.568.1: Ear Instrument SetEar Instrument Set, 1911-1960 SPRAGUE's set of 6 interchangeable ear instruments with universal handle. The handle is hollow and forms a receptacle for carrying the instruments. Interchangeable attachments include a blunt-tipped hook, tympanum perforating lancet, probe, curette, sickle-shaped knife and oval spoon. Manufacturer's trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown] stamped into surface. Handle dimensions given.
993.1133.1: Electric Massage RollerElectric Massage Roller, 1901-1950 Electric face massage roller in box. The magnetic roller can be rolled over any part of the face or body for the obliteration of wrinkles, crows feet or facial blemishes. 'DR. J. W. GIBBS NEW YORK', 'ELECTRIC PTD. DEC 1-96.' stamped into roller frame. Lid printed with object and manufacturer's details with directions for use printed on the underside of lid. Compass missing.