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2000.3.1: Diathermy UnitDiathermy Unit, 1948 The Birtcher 'Challenger' model 850, F.C.C. type approval number D-529. A short wave diathermy unit with a tri-fold induction head. Consists of a metal unit with cabinet underneath on four caster-feet. A power output unit gauge 0 - 500, an Output dial 0 - 10 and a Selector dial are situated on the top part of the unit. Components in cabinet: two boxes each containing a self retaining elecrode, patent no. 2110,392 part no. 632, [CUFLEX™, US patent no. 2110392]; lidded box containing two 8 x 10 inches pad electrodes No. 646; power tube type UX-CV-11 in box; two boxed electron tubes CL-19...
2006.365.1: Digital Blood Pressure Monitor KitDigital Blood Pressure Monitor Kit, 1968-1983 'Tycos' electronic ‘SELF CHECK’ blood pressure monitor kit in a bag, consisting of a digital sphygmomanometer or blood pressure monitor model 7052-08 [battery compartment located on the underside]; an inflatable bag and microphone enclosed in the cuff with an air line and microphone wire leading from it; an inflation bulb with a deflation valve and deflation rate adjuster leading from the cuff; a textile backed blue plastic bag, closed by a popper; an instruction booklet. Bag dimensions given.
993.1145.1: Dilator SetDilator Set, 1951-2000 Part of set of dilators for the cervix which fit inside one another, 3 sizes; no.4 [9-15mm], no.5 [12-18mm], no.6 [15-21mm]. Hollow plated copper alloy tubes with up curved point, other end flared tang and blunt.
993.896.1: Dilator, RectalDilator, Rectal, 1930-1970 YOUNG rectal dilator with central drain. Boilable, unbreakable, clear plastic. 1 inch diameter size.
993.895.1: Dilator, RectalDilator, Rectal, 1930-1970 YOUNG rectal dilator with central drain. Boilable, unbreakable, clear plastic. 1¼ inch diameter size.
993.1322.1: Dilator, UterineDilator, Uterine, 1900-1914 GOODELL uterine dilator with gauge [opening max 1½"] and set screw, large size.
993.1162.1: Dilator, UterineDilator, Uterine, 1961-2000 GOODELL uterine dilator, graduated and threaded at ridged handles. Supplier 'THE J.F.HARTZCO.', 'U.S.A.' & '4' stamped into surface.
999.3.80: Dilator, UterineDilator, Uterine, 1901-1950 'DOLÉRIS' type flushing and dilating uterine instrument with a lever stopcock to turn the current of fluid off and on. Two flushing eyelets situated either side of both blades. The width of the blades is adjusted by a screw mechanism.
2011.1.1: Dilators, RectalDilators, Rectal, 1915-1945 Boxed set containing 2 graduated sizes of rectal dilators size 1 and 3 [originally a set of 4]. Label on inner lid reads 'This Box Contains a Set of Four Dilators-Price $3.75 Per Set in the U.S.-Sold Only in Sets. DR. YOUNG'S IMPROVED RECTAL DILATORS, DIRECTIONS: To be used only by or on the prescription of a physician. NOTICE TO DEALER: Dr. Young's Rectal Dilators may be sold only on prescription. WARNING: Avoid using in case of bleeding since this may indicate a serious condition. Avoid use of excessive force in the introduction of the instrument. Manufactured Expressly for, and...
2011.6.1: Dilators, SetDilators, Set, 1961-1998 Set of 6 uterine dilators of solid metal construction, double ended, in lidded case. Sizes in American scale 9/10 to 19/20mm. 'Hank's Dilators' in gold print on case lid. Case dimensions given.
993.736.1: Dilators, Uterine, SetDilators, Uterine, Set, 20th Cent. HANK'S uterine dilator set consisting of a lined case and six double ended dilators, sizes in American scale 9 to 20mm. 'Set Hank's Dilators' printed on the case lid in gold lettering. Case dimensions given.
993.1352.1: Dissecting SetDissecting Set Wooden case covered with burgundy coloured leather with copper alloy swing hooks and catches, lined with burgundy coloured velvet, moulded internal compartments. Contains scalpel, 2 x dissecting teasing needles, 2 x glass rods. Incomplete.
996.3.1: Douche, NasalDouche, Nasal, 1915-1965 Boxed 'Aseptic' nasal irrigator. Directions for use printed on the reverse side of the box.
993.151.1: Douche, UterineDouche, Uterine, c. 1900 Catheter for douching the uterus, double channel.
993.1220.1: Drill, BoneDrill, Bone, 1914-1930 Archimedean bone drill with continuous clockwise motion. Set of 6 drill points, assorted sizes, held in screw cap hollow handle. '98' stamped into surface in 4 areas of the drill/handle and on each drill point.