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993.699.1: Depressor, VaginalDepressor, Vaginal, 20th Cent. SKENE style vaginal depressor with small blunt circular head, angled upwards, size 1. Manufacturer’s trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown (Rod of Asclepius)] stamped into the surface.
993.1242.1: Depressor, VaginalDepressor, Vaginal, 20th Cent. SKENE style vaginal depressor with blunt circular head, angled upwards.
993.1338.1: Diagnostic SetDiagnostic Set, 1921-1970 Diagnostic set; the case contains various instruments for otolaryngology and dentistry, some original to the set, others added. Hinged case; the base holds: Vitrohm potential adjuster with bayonet connection for fitting into electric lamp socket and electrical connecting lead; battery case with an on/off switch and an electrical connecting lead; disjointing vaginal speculum fitted with a lamp; nasal retractor with a ratchet mechanism to open the jaws of the speculum longitudinally; diagnostic otoscope with pivoting lens at the top; set of three aural specula 2, 4 and 6mm [fits otoscope];...
995.4.25: Diagnostic SetDiagnostic Set, 1950-1970 Diagnostic set in a lined case consisting of a battery handle with ‘ALLEN & HANBURYS LONDON MADE IN ENGLAND’ stamped into base and ‘RIMLOCK TRADE MARK ENGLAND’ stamped into neck. A 'MAY OPHTHALMOSCOPE IMPROVED’ with 23 lenses ranging in power from minus 20 to plus 20. A diagnostic otoscope with an auxiliary magnifying lens and lamp attached. Three aural specula: 4mm, 5mm & 6mm. Two spare lamps. Label is attached to case interior. Dimensions given are for closed case.
993.1217.1: Diaphragm Fitting RingsDiaphragm Fitting Rings, 1911-1960 Seven diaphragm fitting rings, sizes 60-90 [Diameters: 60mm, 65mm, 70mm, 75mm, 80mm, 85mm, 90mm], stored in a hinged lidded "Deco style" black plastic box. 10 'Ortho Kit' product order sheets stored in lid, held in place by steel clip attached to hinge. 'ORTHO' in relief at foot of box.
993.1210.1: Diaphragm Fitting RingsDiaphragm Fitting Rings, 1910-1950 Nine diaphragm fitting rings, sizes 50-90mm, set in a "Deco style" Bakelite box. Gold lettering on lid 'MADE IN U.S.A. Ramses T.M. REG. U.S. & CAN. PAT. OFF. FITTING RINGS'.
2000.3.1: Diathermy UnitDiathermy Unit, 1948 The Birtcher 'Challenger' model 850, F.C.C. type approval number D-529. A short wave diathermy unit with a tri-fold induction head. Consists of a metal unit with cabinet underneath on four caster-feet. A power output unit gauge 0 - 500, an Output dial 0 - 10 and a Selector dial are situated on the top part of the unit. Components in cabinet: two boxes each containing a self retaining elecrode, patent no. 2110,392 part no. 632, [CUFLEX™, US patent no. 2110392]; lidded box containing two 8 x 10 inches pad electrodes No. 646; power tube type UX-CV-11 in box; two boxed electron tubes CL-19...
2006.365.1: Digital Blood Pressure Monitor KitDigital Blood Pressure Monitor Kit, 1968-1983 'Tycos' electronic ‘SELF CHECK’ blood pressure monitor kit in a bag, consisting of a digital sphygmomanometer or blood pressure monitor model 7052-08 [battery compartment located on the underside]; an inflatable bag and microphone enclosed in the cuff with an air line and microphone wire leading from it; an inflation bulb with a deflation valve and deflation rate adjuster leading from the cuff; a textile backed blue plastic bag, closed by a popper; an instruction booklet. Bag dimensions given.
993.1145.1: Dilator SetDilator Set, 1951-2000 Part of set of dilators for the cervix which fit inside one another, 3 sizes; no.4 [9-15mm], no.5 [12-18mm], no.6 [15-21mm]. Hollow plated copper alloy tubes with up curved point, other end flared tang and blunt.
993.896.1: Dilator, RectalDilator, Rectal, 1930-1970 YOUNG rectal dilator with central drain. Boilable, unbreakable, clear plastic. 1 inch diameter size.
993.895.1: Dilator, RectalDilator, Rectal, 1930-1970 YOUNG rectal dilator with central drain. Boilable, unbreakable, clear plastic. 1¼ inch diameter size.
993.1162.1: Dilator, UterineDilator, Uterine, 1961-2000 GOODELL uterine dilator, graduated and threaded at ridged handles. Supplier 'THE J.F.HARTZCO.', 'U.S.A.' & '4' stamped into surface.
999.3.80: Dilator, UterineDilator, Uterine, 1901-1950 'DOLÉRIS' type flushing and dilating uterine instrument with a lever stopcock to turn the current of fluid off and on. Two flushing eyelets situated either side of both blades. The width of the blades is adjusted by a screw mechanism.
993.1322.1: Dilator, UterineDilator, Uterine, 1900-1914 GOODELL uterine dilator with gauge [opening max 1½"] and set screw, large size.
2011.1.1: Dilators, RectalDilators, Rectal, 1915-1945 Boxed set containing 2 graduated sizes of rectal dilators size 1 and 3 [originally a set of 4]. Label on inner lid reads 'This Box Contains a Set of Four Dilators-Price $3.75 Per Set in the U.S.-Sold Only in Sets. DR. YOUNG'S IMPROVED RECTAL DILATORS, DIRECTIONS: To be used only by or on the prescription of a physician. NOTICE TO DEALER: Dr. Young's Rectal Dilators may be sold only on prescription. WARNING: Avoid using in case of bleeding since this may indicate a serious condition. Avoid use of excessive force in the introduction of the instrument. Manufactured Expressly for, and...