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993.638.1:  X-Ray Tube X-Ray Tube, 1901-1940 Kesselring x-ray tube consisting of a spherical glass bulb (tinted purple from metal deposits) with cylindrical stems carrying the electrodes: the anode is at the bottom, the cathode at the top, and the anticathode is just above the anode. A fourth stem, the auto regeneration mechanism, has a long wire that stops near the cathode. Manufacturer's name and address, serial number [No.10926], patent date and number [undecipherable] stamped onto cathode stem's surface in white.
993.1244.1: "Lobster-Tail" Director, 1875-1910 DURHAM's "Lobster-tail" tracheotomy tube pilot. Ivory handle with vertebrated tip. "Lobster-tail" cannula and tracheotomy tube missing.
996.3.2: "Savars" Ear Syringe, 1880-1902 Ear syringe in lidded box with an advertising sheet promoting Savars™ toilet articles. Curved glass ear syringe with bulbous nozzle and wooden capped plunger with cork seal and thread wrapped plunger head. The box is decorated with embossed deep blue paper with a 'SAVARS Improved Safety EAR SYRINGE' label on lid. Box dimensions given.
995.4.14: "System of Diet Writing", 1933 "System of Diet Writing" written by William S. Collens, B.S., M.D., Chief of Diabetic Clinic, Israel Zion Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y. A black leatherette ring binder with two clasps containing a diet calculator, an obesity chart, diet formulary and menu prescription forms at the rear to be filled by the doctor. The diet calculator and the obesity chart provide considerable amounts of data on circulating wheels, so that it is simple for the physician to make up diets containing given amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrate to meet the necessities of cardiorenal disease, neuroses or epilepsy....
993.615.1: 'Combination Universal' Cystoscope Set'Combination Universal' Cystoscope Set, 1906-1945 A 'Combination Universal' cystoscope set in a case consisting of two outer sheaths, one large for simultaneous catheterization of both ureters and irrigation, and one small sheath for irrigation and examination, both sheaths have removable ends; a periscope that fits into the small sheath ['ZEISS-KOLLM.']; a simple irrigation attachment; double-way irrigation stopcock; cords, switch and contact clamp. Two flexible x-ray graduated bulbous tip ureter catheters size 4 with wires and two flexible olive tips ureter catheters with loop ended wires are held in the lid and are not original to the...
993.1238.1: 'Despatch' Journal'Despatch' Journal, 1944 "Despatch" The official journal of The Canadian Red Cross Society, Vol.5 No.2, March 1944. 12 pages including front and back cover.
2006.25.1: Abdominal RetractorAbdominal Retractor, 20th Cent. Two part sliding abdominal retractor, consists of two U-shaped spreading arms arranged in opposed positions and overlapping with a sliding connection at one side. Each arm has it extremity at the opposite side inwardly turned to form a hook, with the hooks facing outwardly. 'PAT.APR.12.1910' stamped into surface.
993.1221.1: Acupuncture SetAcupuncture Set, 20th Cent. Cardboard box with 'Dr C.E. Robinson' printed on lid with Chinese writing on side, 'Acupuncture set' and 'ROBINSON' written in felt tip ink. A model of a man with acupressure points depicted in different colours with Chinese script printed in black ink. A model of an ear with acupressure points depicted by red dot with Chinese script printed in black ink. Zippered case containing 29 acupuncture needles of different lengths. An envelope with Chinese script back and front and a picture of 2 geese flying, the envelope contains a folded sheet of tissue paper. A stapled booklet with 39 pages...
998.1.3: AdenotomeAdenotome, 1940-1960 ST. CLAIR-THOMSON's adenotome, consisting of an adenoid curette with a horizontal blade and a detachable guard/cage with two long teeth. Instrument's size '2' stamped into surface.
993.1150.1: AdenotomeAdenotome, c. 1950 Medium size adenotome with finger and thumb rings, reversed action. Cutting blade missing.
2011.16.1: Air-wayAir-way, 1955-1980 HEWITT's aluminium air-way mouth piece [1" diameter] with curved hollow rubber tube. 'DOWN BRO. LONDON' stamped into mouth piece.
2011.17.1: Air-wayAir-way, 1955-1980 HEWITT's air-way mouth piece [1⅛" diameter] with curved hollow rubber tube. 'ALLEN&HANBURYSLTD LONDON' stamped into mouth piece.
993.201.1: Ampoule SetAmpoule Set, 1920-1955 Lidded tin; 'LABORATOIRES FRAISSE PARIS' and 'Pochette Medicale Sterilisable' stamped into lid with list of products printed onto sheet adhering to internal lid surface. Contains: Fitted rubber rack for 7 items; 'F. GRATIEUX PARIS' in relief on base. Items include: graduated 2cc syringe with needle, 4 labelled ampoules: 2 x Huile Camphrée 10%, 1 Adrènaline ½ milligr., 1 caféine gr.20 [psychoactive stimulant] and an ampoule list insert. Tin dimensions given.
2006.438.1: Ampoules in CaseAmpoules in Case, 1920-1950 Physician's pocket ampoule case with purple velvet lining and metal popper fasteners containing 12 ampoules: 3 x 1cc. Ergone 0.5%, 3 x 1cc. Digifortis, 3 x 1cc. Pituitrin 0.5%, 1cc. Camphor In Oil [camphor 0.2gm. 3gr.), 1cc. Pitressin, Chloretone 0.5%, 1.5cc. Coramine [Nikethamide B.P.]. Inner lid of case embossed with gold lettering reading: 'Dr. G. W. Bissett COMPLIMENTS OF N. E. SUDDABY'. Ampoule knife missing. Given dimensions are for closed case.
2006.185.1: Ampoules in CaseAmpoules in Case, 20th Cent. Physician's pocket ampoule case with purple velvet lining and metal popper fasteners to hold 12 ampoules, containing 7 ampoules:1cc. Camphor in Oil [3grs.] No.4, 3 x 1cc Adrenalin chloride solution No.88, 3 x 1cc Digifortis No.173. 'MANLEY FINKLESTEIN, MD. COMPLIMENTS OF D. J. BERRYHILL' in embossed gold lettering on internal lid surface. Ampoule leaflet included. 5 ampoules and ampoule knife missing. Given dimensions are for closed case.